Fairpoint landline phones and Rasmussen polls

Boy, am I thankful I pay Union-busting Fairpoint $50 a month for a landline phone; Rasmussen polls just called about Milne versus Shummy.

And as always with polls I listen very carefully to the questions to determine bias or push-polling.  The Rasmussen poll was fairly unbiased.  The only real bias was that for poll answers, “Republican” and “Scott Milne” were always, “1”, and “Democrat” and “Shumlin” were always “2”.

Back to my opening statement, though. I don’t know if everyone is aware of this but Fairpoint is actively busting the lineman’s union right now, as we speak.  Their contract ended on August 31 and Fairpoint has pretty much ignored the union’s attempts to negotiate a new one.  Fairpoint wants to end retirement/pensions, cut pay to below Middle Class levels, and hire “Independent Contractors” (who work for crap-wages, have no pensions, and can’t bargain for a middle-class wage).

Today Fairpoint announced that they are simply going to do what they want and to hell with the union.  They are going to stop all payments to the union’s pension funds and hire “Independent Contractors” to replace their seasoned and efficient linemen.

And who’s going to stop them?

WGOP’s comment section on this news was filled with typical Conservative/Republicans that HATE people that work for a living, saying no one deserves to be paid for their work and no one should ever be allowed to retire – except the CEOs, of course!

Conservatives / Republicans HATE the middle class with a white-hot passion, and Scott Milne does, too. A vote for Milne is a vote to impoverish the few remaining Middle Class jobs and crush them into welfare-dependent poverty.

One thought on “Fairpoint landline phones and Rasmussen polls

  1. The state of Vermont was very good to FairPoint when they were bankrupt and on its knees.

    Rather than payout 6.6 million in penalties for poor service Vermont made the decision to allow FairPoint to spent that amount on improving broadband service, where they (FairPoint) determined it was needed.  This was the handiwork work of former Douglas administration secretary Mike Smith. FairPoint hired him for their newly created job as the Vermont President with responsibility for government relations . Smith left the job after a couple years for greener pastures-mission accomplished.

    Now FairPoint ,on better financial footing takes on the union.

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