Candidate Milne declines one

No debating Scott Milne tonight. He is ducking out of a debate this evening sponsored by the Essex Town Republican Committee. He chose not to accept the Essex Republicans' invitation, and he questions the motivations of other candidates seeking the GOP nomination:

“They are going to be working against the Republican Party and the nominee after the primary so it didn't make sense to go.” 

Only a short month or two ago, when he was first considering running to be Republican candidate for governor, Scott Milne said he welcomed more “voices” in the race. He claimed to relish a hearty primary and open policy debate.

“I hope we have a competitive primary,” he said. “I think it is a hard, hard road to hoe in Vermont for a Republican to get elected anyway. But that path to victory is much better with an issue-orientated positively fought out primary.”

He said this back when many Republicans hoped Randy Brock might have nothing better to do than run in gubernatorial primary. But Randy took a primary pass. And now poor Scott Milne has to duck a debate with Steve Berry and Emily Peyton.

One of the two hopefuls, Republican Steve Berry, serves as financial chair of the Lamoille County Republican Party committee and reportedly organized arm wrestling tournaments all over the state with Monster Arm Wrestling.

Also attending will be  Emily Peyton,who has run twice for governor as an independent. But she is new to the Republicans and wants to be in a Party. Party affiliation, she says, is key to reaching a broader audience.

“If you don't have a party, you're treated like a political nudist. They don't really want you there. 

Libertarian candidate Dan Feliciano, who has launched a write-in campaign for the Republican nomination, was also invited to attend. Feliciano has received contributions from Mark Snelling, treasurer of the Vermont Republican Party.

 Wonder if Scott Milne now regrets his primary wish. Suddenly he doesn’t like the other voices he’s hearing.

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