VPR’s Crackpots on Parade!

(Thanks to CR, who spared us having to listen to this ourselves! – promoted by Sue Prent)

Did anyone hear yesterday’s VPR debate between the three amigos running in the primary for a chance to lose to Rep. Welch?  Hilarious!

It’s like they were trying to out-crackpot – while simultaneously agreeing with – each other.

Highlights: None of them have any clue about the position they are running for, the southerner even was proud he’d never held any public office.

Flat tax! Poor pay more and the rich less. Each of them had a variation on the theme, but the overall goal is to make sure rich people pay as little as possible while the poor pay more.

End all tax deductions!  Oh, except homeowner’s mortgage insurance, of course.  Only homeowners should be allowed to have a deduction, poor people need to be screwed more because they clearly aren’t poor enough!

Obamacare = EVIL!  All of them agree that Obamacare is evil socialism, a government takeover of the entire health insurance industry. Except Medicaid, of course, that’s not going to be touched.

Gay Marriage, ugh! Of course all three are against gay people having equal rights under the law. Because some Americans are more equal than others.

It went on and on in that vein.  Basically they are completely opposed to every single thing that they themselves don’t need.

Typical arch-Conservatives: completely clueless and unaware of the consequences of their stated goals.

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