Milne = Brat?

I know comparisons are never perfect, and apples get judged against oranges all the time, but Scott Milne is to David Brat as Eric Cantor is to Peter Shumlin! Milne has compared his underdog run for governor to Tea Party professor David Brat’s victory in the Virginia Republican primary over well-funded House Majority leader Eric Cantor. While it’s true that Cantor enjoyed a massive campaign fund advantage, that’s about it for the comparison. When you feel like you don’t have a prayer, why not use the classic David and Goliath story rather than Cantor v. Brat?

To begin with, it’s correct that Milne is as short of funds as Brat – apples and oranges are both round. But one obvious difference is that Brat won a primary election against another Republican in a single congressional district. And how helpful is it for Milne to invite comparisons to a superior campaigner like Brat? Reportedly the Tea Party professor played the conservative crowd like pro.

David Brat knows how to work a crowd. […]Mr. Brat is friendly and animated. At barbecues and church gatherings he can be seen bounding about like a Labrador puppy, glad-handing old folks and kissing babies.

 That’s a far cry from candidate Milne’s cringe-inducing  rabbit copulating story.

Milne digressed into a four-minute, hare-raising discourse on his youthful adventures buying rabbits in Wolcott and rearing them for sale. […] he said to nervous laughter. Milne went on to describe how much his out-of-state relatives enjoyed watching his specimens copulate.

 Surprisingly, former Governor Jim Douglas embraced and refined the Brat analogy during the official kick-off on Wednesday.

Douglas told the audience that the size of a war chest doesn’t necessarily dictate the outcome of the race. “I have just two words: Eric Cantor,” he quipped, referring to the Republican majority leader of the U.S. House who recently lost his Virginia primary race.

 Two more words; Really, Jim? Well, I guess you endorse with the analogy you have, not the one you want.

2 thoughts on “Milne = Brat?

  1. … dropping banners from highway overpasses, etc.  

    No analogy for Milne here.

    Damn, Vermont is lacking for leadership these days.  I keep waiting for Shumlin to take off his mask but I’d rather have someone unmask him, better if from within his own party.  For a native-born governor, he sure misses how much of our Vermont is being lost during his tenure.  A loyal opposition keeps either side (more) honest and true to Vermonters.  

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