Corren Courts Democratic Endorsement

Progressive candidate for lieutenant governor Dean Corren  has been invited to address the Democratic State Committee on July 26 in Montpelier.  

Recognizing the essential value of a Democratic endorsement, Corren will be making the case that he has a lot to offer  with his candidacy.

Says Democratic Party Executive Committee member, Selene Hofer-Shall:

“There is a lot of interest in Dean’s candidacy, particularly because he qualified for public financing, and his synergy with the Governor on healthcare.”

Corren has already demonstrated the ability to marshall popular support and set valuable precedent for campaign finance reform, by becoming the first candidate to qualify for matching public funding.  

This success has nettled the somewhat dozy Phil Scott, who has apparently gotten a little too accustomed to going unchallenged.

Nose out of joint, Scott sniffed petulantly about opposing public funding because he doesn’t want to “burden taxpayers,” thereby betraying his not-so-nice-guy side, while demonstrating a profound misunderstanding of the democratic purpose of public funding.

And Corren knows just exactly what he can bring to the Democratic table that, for all his centerist camouflage, Republican Scott most certainly never will:

“Democrats and Progressives alike want to make sure we follow through on creating a real comprehensive VT healthcare system.  Vermont needs a Lt. Governor who will help make that happen.  That’s the overriding reason I got into this race, and why I am asking Democrats to write me in on the primary ballot in August.  Working together is the best way to get the job done,” said Corren.

As Corren points out, Democrats endorsed two other “outsiders” in the last election, Independent ,Bernie Sanders and Progressive, Doug Hoffer.

Those endorsements turned out rather well for Democrats, and Corren is hoping that similar support can be mobilized around his candidacy, with or without the grumpy old men of the Blue Dog fringe.

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3 thoughts on “Corren Courts Democratic Endorsement

  1. Having a liberal with a P/D is better than some R in D clothing that will not support regular folks and the jobs agenda they need to see coming out of Montpelier.

    Dean has been known to be a bit hard on Democrats from time to time I am told, but I bet he would be much harder on Republicans and their tinkle down ideas for taxation and government subsidies.  

    If the Dems can support Bernie and Hoffer, why should this even be a point for discussion?

    Sooner or later it would be great to see the left wing of the Democratic Party reintegrated into the flow of Democracy.

  2. I would love to see all candidates “burden the taxpayers.” Instead of $1,000 donations being the barrier to entry, sub-$50 donations would make for a more representative slate of candidates.

    Consider that candidates spend about $5 billion a year nationally. We could finance all of that publicly by canceling one idiotic weapons system or cutting back a fraction of one unnecessary corporate subsidy. We lose $70 billion a year to millionaire tax cheats, but the IRS isn’t given the personnel and mandate to go after them. That would pay for a lot of campaign financing.

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