Climate change, see it now

 Wealthy tourists will soon get a chance to see the dramatic effects of climate change while luxuriously attended to.

High-end cruise operator Crystal Cruises has announced plans to become the world’s first luxury cruise line to sail the Arctic Ocean via the world famous and elusive Northwest Passage.

Scientific estimates are that the Northwest Passage, which runs along the northern coast of North America through the Canadian Arctic connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, will be open year round by mid-century or sooner. This passage is an arctic short-cut sea route sought by early polar explorers for hundreds of years. The growing effects of Climate Change are now allowing extended travel through the still difficult passage.  

The first luxury cruise an “expedition-style voyage” through the “once un-passable Arctic route” is scheduled for August 2016 aboard the Crystal Serenity.

“During this voyage, speakers will enlighten guests on information regarding climate change, and how it has impacted this passage. With the recent retreat of polar ice, the time is right for us to lead the way within the travel industry, as Crystal has done throughout our 25-year history.” [added italics]

The Crystal Serenity carries 1,070 passengers and boasts the highest crew-to-passenger ratio in the industry. It will be accompanied by an escort vessel to act as helicopter platform and Zodiacs.  Oh and Crystal Cruises wants you to know that both vessels on the 32-day cruise will run on low sulphur fuel.

Climate change has prompted a series of Northwest Passage “firsts” trips in quick succession recently. In 2006 the 365 ft. cruise liner MS Bremen made the trip, guided through the ice by satellite through the Northwest Passage. Then in 2012 and 2013 cargo ships carrying liquefied natural gas and coal made the journey. In 2014 a ship loaded with irony is scheduled to attempt the passage.

So see it all now, priced at $19,755 per person, double occupancy reserve now 20% deposit down ($500.00 non-refundable). Crystal Cruise says their trip will maneuver the

“vast unspoiled landscapes north of mainland Canada.”

Yup, a tour made possible by climate change views a “vast unspoiled landscape.”

Well, you better act now, see it before it’s gone – and Bon voyage!  

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