Shumlin hires Rand Corp for Pot Legalization Study

(This probably should have made it to the front page sooner; but there’s been a lot going on here; and better late than never.   – promoted by Sue Prent)

UPDATE: Today on VPR was an amazingly frank interview with “Beau Kilmer, a senior policy researcher at the Rand Corporation.”  While quite brief it was refreshing to hear actual facts being discussed, not hyperbole and blatant falsehoods.  After 30 years of Just Say No propaganda and outright lies about Cannabis I have come to NOT expect such truth through any media……

A little late to the pot party, Vermont finally does something to legitimize the second biggest cash crop in Vermont.  Shumlin announced that Vermont is handing $20,000 over to the Rand Corporation (with an unspecified amount coming from an unnamed foundation) for them to study all aspects of legalizing pot, including a report of Colorado and Washington state’s rollout.  They say the report will be on legislator’s desks next January.

Jeb Spaulding was interviewed by Bob Kinzel from VPR and his report on Wednesday, Spaulding mentions some aspects of the study.  But what I think is the most important part was not mentioned: the savings to be found in the criminal justice budget by not prosecuting and jailing pot offenses.  I certainly hope that’s going to be addressed, one would think that would be a ‘no brainer’……

3 thoughts on “Shumlin hires Rand Corp for Pot Legalization Study

  1. I find this story illustrative of how Vermont is losing it’s identity – particularly in Montpelier.  Vermonters built their reputation by being self-reliant, sensible, frugal folks.  Legislators worked hard and with input from citizens and did their own studies, across the aisle.  Now everything we do seems to come “from away” and we look to the Rand Corporation (fer crissakes!) to determine our path.

    In contrast, our back-to-the-landers – who I see as representing the best of our past, present and future – aren’t waiting for studies but have gotten to work producing food and other useful items, building community, and doing it while Montpelier goes to the dogs.  Better to put this money into accessing hemp seeds to grow and use for new economic opportunities.

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