Cronyism and disloyalty in the Vermont Senate

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So the Democrats (and Prog/Dems) have a supermajority in the Vermont Senate. They rule the roost. And they’re almost certain to retain a big edge next year; even the Republicans are hoping to win no more than two or three seats.

Which makes me wonder why the two Democratic members of a key committee, plus the chair of a very important committee, have endorsed a Republican for one of Vermont’s highest offices, and are likely to get away with this bit of disloyalty.

I’m talking about John Campbell and Dicks Mazza and Sears. The first two sit on the Senate’s Committee on Committees along with their favorite Republican, Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott. Sears chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. All three have endorsed their buddy Scott and turned their backs on the likely Democratic standard-bearer* and only liberal in the race, Progressive Dean Corren, in spite of the fact that Governor Shumlin has given public support to Corren.

*Corren has to win the Democratic primary as a write-in. He should be able to do that, but it’s no sure thing; Mazza’s openly talking of a write-in campaign for Scott. Which would lead to a goddamn embarrassment for Vermont’s dominant party: a Republican in the #2 spot on its ticket.

If these men keep their privileged positions, it’ll be a disgrace. And, based on past history, it’ll almost certainly happen.

The Committee on Committees is an obscure bit of Senate hierarchy, with one big exception. Every two years, it selects all the chairs and members of all the Senate committees. That is one big moment of muscle-flexing for an otherwise quiescent body.

The three members of the CoC are: the Senate President (Lieutenant Governor), the President Pro Tem, and a Senator elected by the entire Senate. For many years now, Dick Mazza has been rubber-stamped into this position – even though this is far from the first time he’s endorsed a top Republican. He supported Brian Dubie for Governor in 2010, and has backed Phil Scott every time he’s run for Lieutenant Governor.

The lopsided Democratic majority could eject Mazza in a hot minute and instead reward a more faithful member of their party. They could also choose a President Pro Tem who’s more in step with the party’s mainstream. And the new CoC could replace Sears on Judiciary. But, given the hidebound nature of the Senate, I fully expect that all three will retain their influential positions this fall.

There’s no good reason for this. The explanation, of course, is the mutual respect of Senators and their unwillingness to publicly embarrass a colleague. Which is not a good reason, just a dearly-held rationale in the hearts of our solons.

Campbell, Mazza, and Sears do not deserve to be rewarded for their disloyalty. If there’s anything like party discipline within the one-sided majority, the Senate’s Committee on Committees will get a makeover. And, ideally, somebody else will wield the gavel come January.

But, as I said, I don’t expect it to happen. The Senate’s too damn clubby for that.

(It’s not often these days that Vermont Republicans get to enjoy a laugh at the Dems’ expense. They must be blowing chortle-bubbles in their Scotch glasses over this.)

4 thoughts on “Cronyism and disloyalty in the Vermont Senate

  1. “There’s no good reason for this. The explanation, of course, is the mutual respect of Senators and their unwillingness to publicly embarrass a colleague. ”

    However, (insert the hiring of plunderville here if you desire to the BED)  apparently there is no hesitation to having good Dems develop relationships with R’s at their desire in other areas without a stern rebuke from the party.  

    Actually there is no real link between the people who run the party, their desires and beliefs, and the folks who are elected and hold office.   The party is used to get elected, after that, “What Party?”    

  2. The answer is obvious why Campbell, Mazza and Sears back the GOP instead of the Dem:

    “…only liberal in the race, Progressive Dean Corren”

    He’s a Real Democrat, AND registered as a Progressive!  What Fake Dem would ever support a Real Democrat?

    With the VTGOP racing headlong into Sarah Palin/Louis Gomert land, and the Vermont Democratic Party solidly in the Moderate Republican camp (Would Governor Aiken be a Republican today?), the Progressives are the only party left-of-center. And no Fake Dem would dare support anyone that wasn’t on the right…

  3. Vermont’s own Axis of Evil. You are right that it will never change. Sucks that Progressive and real Democrat Vermonters are being shunned by Moe, Larry and Curly.

    Time for these three popular kids to be expelled from Golden Dome Senior High.  

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