The Least Compelling Contest… Ever

From the Facebook page of Dustin Degree, distinguished Republican candidate for State Senate:

Ooh, there’s an enticing offer. Drive all over Franklin County wasting gas and spewing exhaust in the vain hope of being the first to spot and photograph a Dustin Degree campaign sign — and all you win is a three-pack of crappy Degree campaign materials?


Y’know, if I lived in Degree Country, I’d be tempted to go find his stupid sign, win the contest, and have a nice little public T-shirt burning.

p.s. As our younger readers are surely aware, “tag” is slang for graffiti. So I guess Mr. Degree is asking us to vandalize his first sign.

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2 thoughts on “The Least Compelling Contest… Ever

  1. “As our younger readers are surely aware, “tag” is slang for graffiti.”

    Sure it is, back in the 1970s!!!  

    To ‘younger readers’ of this century ‘tag’ means to identify someone in a photo, usually on Facebook.

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