Please come back.  I’m bored here.  I think that’s the idea.  And you too, wdh3.  And what happened to Rosemarie?  And kestrel?  YAWN.  Not gonna get attention on Seven Days this way.  A Lib-er-al ‘chat-room’?  God help the people this election year, and especially in 2016.


It is in GMD’s interest NOT to become a site.  

Where’s the Vt, Workers’ Center?  Where’s the juice?  Where, OH WHERE, are the comments of yester-year?

And you too, katrinka.  Get your asses back here.  Or else we will all be reading only what we already know.

Lib-er-al Lefties.  This is how elections are handed to the NAZIS.

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.


One thought on “STARDUST

  1. out to sea & get lost in the storms of life. I have friends who I’m helping who are all the victims of injustice(s) and it hurts to see the downtrodden being steamrollered by forces they believe are beyond their control as they do not know their rights.

    I support & will advocate when I can but the family that is in dire straits has given up. HOH is chronically disabled so in an already weakened condition, lost her mother, brother was murdered & husband died of an overdose in a couple of years time now she’s losing her home but I don’t think she knows of the services available. She doesn’t seek medical or mental health care because she has been poorly served by both. Son is on P & P & may return to prison if he cannot find a suitable dwelling place.

    Like many others I also live with stressful situations that will never change, we must live with them if we wish to live. When they all resurface at the same time I get pulled into the maelstrom and lose my voice as well as ability to continue normal activities however I read all diaries and am thankful & grateful for those who contribute and speak their mind whether I agree or not.

    I too miss everyone who is missing such as the ones you listed & all the others who contributed to make GMD what it is. Matliandy, simplify, JDRyan, ThomasRowley, if there’s anyone I missed I’m sorry — I miss you too! The Wild West is now CNN, yes I agree nice rational discussions are not very exciting.

    I’m sometimes despondent & heartbroken by the goings on in the state as well as national & world scene. It is difficult to comment on a Dem/Prog site when one blames for a large part the Dem governor & regime & Dem POTUS for the shit that is coming down on both scenes.

    So, alone in my independent stance with only other independents shaking our heads & wondering what to do next. Can’t stand the rightingers as they represent only themselves & the rest of the 1%ers while screing their base, but the Dems esp here in VT have failed us by serving the same interests — the wealthy in order to keep their bucks, er, bribes flowing into their warchests, like the rightwingers who serve only the 1% they need the rest of us to keep them in so they can continue their exploits. Here in our fair state we who vote Dem/Prog serve only to keep the left in power to continue to misrepresent us, all of whom are fixtures who serve only to keep the shitbags in power.

    Neither will get my vote nor will joke-candidates who lie like all the rest but claim to represent us hile sucking up the allotted public funding. I despise them all as they’re parasites. It’s a difficult and lonely place to be. So I’m disenfranchised & homeless once again.

    So onward through the mist & mirque to who knows where. Guess I’ll stick my finger in the air & follow the wind. Plus a former fellow cult member has published a book about our former “church” days & its demise. I read it over the weekend & relived much of the creepy sordid details but even I never knew just how sordid it was after I left during the onset of the deception, I now know the true meaning of the word.

    Thanks for being you & for reaching out, mwa (on the forehead of course, I’m hitched).

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