Attention seeking?

Does anyone find it as amusing as I do that Republican Scott Milne is getting so little attention for his possible run for governor that he has resorted to doing a smear campaign on himself?

As Democrats yawn meaningfully, Milne is “telling all.”  Not only did he release a statement about youthful indiscretions that landed him three times in the pokey, but he also disclosed that he had a stroke in 2006.

In one breath, Milne insists he is just doing this in the interests of transparency and that he wants no distractions from the “substantial issues.”  In the next, he can’t resist taking a pot shot at Governor Shumlin who has, so far, shown singular disinterest in Milne’s checkered past:

“The Shumlin Administration spends more time hiding from the press than it does telling people what’s going on.”

Er…whatever, Man.  

Travel agent Milne must not get out much if he is under the impression that Peter Shumlin is press shy!

If this is the best he can do to get a flutter in the July papers, how is the very forgettable Mr. Milne going to make it all the way to November?

Will his version of an October surprise be something like:  

“When did I stop beating my wife?”

Only time will tell.

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2 thoughts on “Attention seeking?

  1. At least, Sue, this isn’t ‘standard’ boring Dem reporting on GMD.  What happened to stardust?

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