Aw, this is kind of sad.

 Phil Scott is nervous says

In an animated speech, Scott told members of the Republican state party recently he is dismayed that Corren has more money available for the lieutenant governor’s race than Scott has raised in donations from supporters in the past two election cycles.

“This is a formidable candidate who will be running against me with $200,000,” Scott said. [added emphasis]

At least for now it looks as if Republican Phil Scott will be facing a well funded candidate. Progressive Dean Corren has qualified for $ 200,000.00 in public campaign funding to run for Lt. Governor. He hopes to gain the backing of the Vermont Democratic Party and has gotten a verbal statement of support from Governor Shumlin. Although some of Scott’s good’ole Democratic allies have decided to cover his back and do what they can to keep Vermont’s number one top Republican in office.

In his last election Scott, according to a data base enjoyed a substantial lead in contributions over his opponent Cassandra Gekas. Scott’s campaign bank account in 2012 was well over the now “formidable” $200,000.00.In fact it was stuffed full with over $350,000.00 to Progressive/Democratic candidate Gekas’ $90,000.00.  

Now 2014 rolls around and faced with an aggressive opponent in what funding-wise at least may prove to be the most level playing he has ever run on he is complaining loudly about it. So Lite Governor Scott is in what looks like a real race and he is complaining and dismayed about it. Guess races aren’t always easy,but don’t cry about it.  

3 thoughts on “Aw, this is kind of sad.

  1. a bit whiney. I voted Gekas b/c I thought with her experience this would be a great start for her plus even though I do believe VPIRG had no choice but to relieve her, I also believed she deserved a new start & would have gotten her feet wet for future open races.

    Personally unless I receive credible info to the contrary, this was another dirty trick courtesy of Shummy, if Scott had known his loyalty would be rewarded thusly, the starting gate at the various racetracks may have looked a whole lot different. Had he run as an R for any open office I believe he would win which is the reason for the alleged double-crossing.  

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