My new digs

Greetings. Your Obedient Serpent jvwalt here with a bit of news about myself, for once.

I’ve established my own piece of online real estate called the Vermont Political Observer, or theVPO for short.

Which is not to say that I’m departing these hallowed precincts. I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for GMD and its community; you’ve given me a platform and taken my views seriously. (Well, usually.) So, with the assent of my fellow GMDers, I’m sticking around here as well as at theVPO.

The reason I’m doing this: GMD was conceived as a group space to accommodate a variety of voices from the Democratic/liberal/progressive community. I think it works best when there are many voices. And sometimes I tend to dominate the conversation.

I’ve been known to write as many as four posts in a day. Which leaves little room for others to provide their own analysis of the day’s events. So I want to open more space for others’ voices.

My plan is to write no more than once a day or thereabouts on GMD, and as often as I feel like it on theVPO. I hope you’ll take time to visit both outposts. The Internet’s a big place, after all.  

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