A little ray of sunshine from our Governor

Didn’t see this coming. Per WCAX:

“I think Dean Corren has it right on Health Care,” said Shumlin.

Shumlin endorsed a Progressive candidate for the second highest office in the Green Mountain State while wrapping up a press conference.

He called on the state Democrats to do the same.

Well, whad’ya know. Maybe the Governor values single-payer health care more than the happy vibes from having Phil Scott in his cabinet.

I expected that Shumlin would endorse Corren sooner or later. But I thought it’d be a lot later, and with more measured language. Now that he’s taken this position publicly, we should expect him to follow through. Some joint campaign appearances would be nice. Print up some Shumlin/Corren bumperstickers?

As for the Governor’s Republican bestie…

[Scott] expressed surprise by the timing of Monday’s news, but says he did not expect an endorsement from Governor Shumlin.

Do I detect the first-ever existential shudder from Phil Scott’s political soul?

After all, Dean Corren qualified for public financing, which means he’ll be (at the very least) financially competitive with Scott. Also, there’s this from VTDigger’s Anne Galloway:

Many big donors who have given to Lt. Gov. Phil Scott are now contributors to Gov. Peter Shumlin…

Hmmm. Galloway doesn’t go so far as to say Scott’s having trouble getting donations, but the implication seems clear.

But back to my main point: I’m glad to see the Governor come out so early and so prominently in support of Dean Corren. It can only help Corren achieve credibility with Democrats and independents. And I have to assume it presages a Corren endorsement by the Democratic Party. Good stuff.  

3 thoughts on “A little ray of sunshine from our Governor

  1. …And pretty shrewd, as well.

    Scott is the only Vermont Republican with a chance of challenging Shumlin in some future race… for something.  

    Time to dampen Scott’s prospects while extending an olive branch to the Progs.

  2. appears to have just gotten a mighty tug on it from Gov. Shumlin.

    And he may have to spent some time working to keep his part-time job this year:

    Corren secured $200,000 in tax-payer funds for his campaign by raising $17,000 in increments smaller than 50.

    Scott has never raised more than $180,000. Both men think voters will favor their funding strategies.WCAX

    This could prove to be an interesting race.  

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