Condi comes to Vermont

Busy Thursday morning? If not, you might want to make time to listen to one of our more notorious war criminals and possibly our most incompetent National Security Advisor.

Yes, Condoleezza Rice is coming to Norwich University Thursday morning and they still have free tickets left! All you need to do is follow the link and fill in your information for the event.

This seems to be a good week to be thinking about Rice, what with the predictable (and amply predicted) collapse and disintegration of Iraq, thanks to her efforts, happening before our very eyes.

Maybe there will be a Q&A session where she can be induced to reprise some of her lies. You remember these classics, right?

The aluminum tubes “are only really suited for nuclear weapons programs, centrifuge programs”.

 “[W]e don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”

I never saw intelligence casting doubt on Bush Administration WMD claims.” (Paraphrase)


Since the governing principle of Rice's foreign policy positions is that the United States must defeat the Soviet Union, she must feel the time for a comeback is at hand. I think the destruction of Iraq, and her role in creating the current civil war, is what she should be questioned about.


3 thoughts on “Condi comes to Vermont

  1. It is incredible that there are even some Democrats who seem to want us to go in and make a mess of things all over again.

    It doesn’t matter what WE might do to tamp down the current threat in Iraq.  

    Even if we go in full tilt and occupy the place for another twenty years, there will be another extremist insurgency ready to pour in as soon as we depart.

    We are not the answer.  We are the problem.  We give the crazies an “other” around which to rally their fellow crazies to do appalling things.

    We broke it but we can’t fix it.

    Enough of this nonsense about Iraq becoming a “breeding ground” for Al Quaida or ISIS or one of the hundreds or thousands of other groups that draw their strength from military America’s seemingly endless appetite for “fixit” projects in the Middle East!  Drone strikes, airstrikes, “a few thousand military advisors” or boots on the ground; every time we go in there, it only makes things worse in the long run.

    The tribalism, cruelty and misogyny in that region will not go away unless and until the traditional population rises up on its own and makes changes, themselves.  We should not be tempted to “help.”

    That’s what revolutions are for.

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