Scott Brown attacked by haiku!

No injuries were reported. New Hampshire’s Donald Hall, former US poet laureate put his thoughts about Scott Brown into a no- holds- barred political haiku style poem. Simply said Hall is no fan of the former Massachusetts Senator.  

Get out of town,  

You featherheaded carpetbagging Wall St. clown,    

Scott Brown!  

Scott Brown the former Senator from Massachusetts is a candidate in New Hampshire’s Republican US Senate primary. About a year ago the VTGOP brought Brown in to speak at a $125.00 a head fundraiser in an attempt to rally their struggling party.  

7 thoughts on “Scott Brown attacked by haiku!

  1. It ain’t Emily Dickinson, but it will more than do.  

    Economical and right to the point!

    As for your cartoon: I can still hear the Bullwinkle voice in my head.  He always sounded like he had a head cold.

  2. … is that the Brown campaign felt compelled to respond with the usual political garbage:

    “It’s not surprising partisan poets and loyal Obama supporters are lining up behind Senator Shaheen because she’s a blind vote for President Obama and Democrats in Washington,” Brown spokesperson Elizabeth Guyton said in a statement.

    Good God. Talk about clueless. Donald Hall is a beloved figure in New Hampshire (and in literary circles). He acknowledged it was a joke. And Guyton comes back with a ham-fisted attack. Sheesh.

    The proper response, not that you’ll ask, would be something like “We have great respect for Mr. Hall’s stature and contributions to literature. We look forward to proving him wrong about Scott Brown’s commitment to New Hampshire.”

    There. Was that so hard?

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