The Progs did it. Now, can the Dems?

Dean Corren, Progressive candidate for Lieutenant Governor, announced this morning that he will qualify for public financing, having collected donations from more than 800 Vermoters totaling more than $18,000. The public financing will allow Corren to run a financially competitive race with incumbent Repubilcan Phil Scott. The public funding will bring his total campaign kitty to $200,000.

Now, time for the Democrats to step up. John Bauer has until tomorrow afternoon to qualify. He’s speeding down the homestretch, but isn’t there yet. Secure online donations can be made via ActBlue. Every donation of $50 or less — even a buck or two — counts toward the goal.

C’mon now, Democrats. You don’t want to fail where the Progs succeeded, do you?

That aside, it’s great news for a competitive race and for the very concept of public financing that at least one candidate has qualified. It’s a very high bar to reach — at least 750 donations from registered Vermont voters, each donation no more than $50, totaling at least $17,500.  Indeed, it’d be best for the system if the bar were lowered just a bit. Still, nice to know that the system can work.

Corren released this statement:

I am deeply gratified and inspired by everyone who stepped up so quickly, not only to contribute, but to help us gather small contributions from friends and neighbors. It was a terrific group effort. …Our campaign will now be fully competitive, and free to focus entirely on the critical issues facing Vermont. In particular, I look forward to advancing our state’s healthcare reforms in the months ahead.

Congratulations to Dean Corren and the Progs for an impressive organizational feat. Will the Dems be able to say the same?  

3 thoughts on “The Progs did it. Now, can the Dems?

  1. but his policy playbook is a parking lot. I met him early early, and then again, more recently. the “vacuum and the change in the couch” thing seemed tired the first time and I have yet to hear that his take on local issues, statewide, has broadened any.

    that said, why can’t the progs get somene going for governor — not to win necessarily, but to put shumlin’s skinny ass to the fire. it’s the year, for sure…seeing as that the only thing out there with a heartbeat that’s not named peter is Our Mutual Friend, The Divine Miss Em.

    oof. maybe I’ll stick to my sweet potatoes. which, I am pleased to report, are doing great, along with the siberian tomatoes & hot peppers.

  2. …followed by some vitriol and argument in the comments section:

    Note in particular Darcie Johnston’s comment:

    So, Phil when before now have you opposed public financing of campaigns? Please I would really really like to see the public remarks you’ve made opposing public financing and campaign finance reform that limits speech and individual’s 1st amendment rights. If you’ve been silent you have no right to complain now. But I sure hope your fundraising goes better than the VTGOP’s has under Sunderland’s leadership. 6 months and no money has been raised to help those all important House and Senate candidates.

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