Why would Phil Scott leave a good part time job?

I can see why Scott wouldn’t take the bait and run, this being a remarkably bad year for the VTGOP. But if he is ever seized with the uncontrollable ambition to gain the big office, the odds are heavily against a win.

Well at least according to a study of elections by the online magazine Governing, he might have tough time of it.They looked at electoral records of lite governors who ran for the governorship since the early 1990’s, excluding those elevated by death of their predecessor and found …

Democratic lieutenant governors were more likely to make a gubernatorial bid, with 37 taking the plunge, compared to 17 Republicans and one Independent. Still, lieutenant governors from both major parties had similar troubles winning gubernatorial races. Democrats won just 35 percent of contests and Republicans won 24 percent.

Phil Scott knows the odds, gets paid well, and, what the heck, being the big dog can’t beat having the time off for racing season.  

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