Apparently my Cesar Chavez post was a little too prescient

No, we don’t have anyone legally changing their name to enhance their otherwise dim electoral prospects. But we do have a former Jim Douglas cabinet official running for the State Senate…

… as a Democrat.

Paul “The Huntsman” Heintz:

On Monday, Grace Cottage Hospital CEO and former Vermont secretary of agriculture Roger Allbee announced that he, too, would run.

… Though he worked in former governor Jim Douglas’ administration and ran for the House as a Republican in 2004, Allbee said he planned to run for the Senate as a Democrat.

“I’ve been a liberal Republican, but I’ve always voted across party lines, supported [U.S. Rep.] Peter Welch, [U.S. Sen.] Patrick Leahy and others.”

Good on ya, Roger. And maybe he’s had an authentic Jim Jeffords change of heart. But the timing — after the “moderates” have taken a measure of control in the VTGOP — is curious to say the least. You’d think he’d want to stick it out and help Phil Scott rebuild.

Which makes me suspect that he’s just a rank opportunist who knows he can’t win as a Republican in Windham County — the VTGOP hasn’f fielded a single candidate so far, and likely won’t — so he’s trying to backdoor his way into office.

His entry will mean a crowded Democratic primary with incumbent Jeanette White, newcomers Joan Bowman and Becca Balint, plus the freshly-minted Democrat Roger Allbee. And the thankfully departing Peter Galbraith aimed a swift kick at the other Dems on his way out the door:

While Galbraith would not yet offer a direct endorsement, he appears to support Allbee’s bid. The incumbent senator joined his Townsend neighbor at Brattleboro’s Gallery Walk Friday evening as the latter collected signatures to win a place on the ballot.

Thanks a lot, Citizen Peter.  

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