Darcie Johnston endorses health care reform!

So, good news of a sort on the Vermont Health Connect front. Per VPR’s Bob Kinzel, the Shumlin Administration has reached agreement with its technology contractor (Acme Buggy Whips, if I recall correctly) that VHC will be fully operational by July 2.


But the Shumlin Administration says they’re ready to push that date back if any serious technical problems emerge in the next four weeks.

Yeah, there’s always a hedge. Still, the end appears to be in sight. I call it good news. And the Administration has learned the hard way not to overpromise on this thing. Their caution is prudent.

Kinzel doesn’t stop there, naturally: any news story on health care reform is required to include a comment from reform arch-nemesis Darcie “Hack” Johnston. She brings the benefit of always being available to represent her pet cause. The drawback, of course, is that she has nothing new or relevant to say.

Well, wait. She actually said something kinda surprising this time.

She says Vermont should have put the federal exchange model in place right from the start.

Say, that is news! Darcie Johnston says Vermont should have straight-up adopted Obamacare.

Until now, I believe she saw both Obamacare and Shummycare are job-killing, bureaucracy-fostering succubi of our precious freedoms.

No, I don’t seriously think she’s changed her mind. But I take this statement as a tacit admission that the reform train has left the station, that repealing HCR is off the table. Quite a comedown for the Hack. And really, a nice “get” for Kinzel. Although he seems to have completely missed the revelation; he just reported it and moved on.

Can’t say I blame him; it’s so rare that Johnston has anything new to say.  

One thought on “Darcie Johnston endorses health care reform!

  1. “I think we should have looked at that back last November when the system didn’t work when it came up on Oct. 1,” said Johnston. “We’ve put hundreds of millions of dollars into a system that still doesn’t work, it isn’t serving Vermonters well.”

    Does she mean we should’ve somehow jumped onto the Federal exchange?  Makes no sense from the POV of statute or, you know, English.

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