HBO Vice Takes on Fukushima Contamination

If you didn’t catch HBO’s Vice last night, you missed an important piece of reporting.  

One segment of Vice, “Playing With Nuclear Fire,” gave a vivid portrait of the horrifying radiation news from Fukushima that has been suppressed by the Japanese government and nuclear industry in order to protect their selfish interests.  

The news media has, for the most part, acted as passive receivers of official reports, applying no scrutiny of their own, so that the American public has remained under-curious about this enormous and continuing crisis.

I had read the obscure reports about deformed and dying butterflies; but in this program we actually see them.

Coverage provided by Vice of the rapidly multiplying barrels of radioactive water at the crippled plant, and the mountains of bags of radioactive earth and debris stockpiled around the Japanese countryside, is a chilling reminder that we have a huge and unresolved problem even without a nuclear accident here in the U.S.  

There simply is no safe place where existing nuclear waste can go; nevermind any that we may produce in the future.

This is just a taste of the entire segment, but I would urge our readers to watch the  program if you can.

You won’t be disappointed.

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One thought on “HBO Vice Takes on Fukushima Contamination

  1. am having problems posting comments. Posted a comment to this story & others days ago. Poof!

    During this time we switched from Comcast to Vtel w/disastrous consequences. Then switched back to Comcast causing me to spend entire day to unhook Vtel & rehook Comcast.

    And both Vtel & Comcast receive a f’king huge black eye from me for all of their bs (will respond to legitimate requests if e-mails included).

    Silver lining: since aforementioned HBO was highlighted as the source — when asked which free-for-6mos service choice, picked HBO so I could view aforementioned docudrama.

    Clip provided did not disapoint so see no reason why complete episode would. Look forward to viewing in its entirety.

    Thanks Sue for keeping us informed.

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