Little Brucie Gets an “F” in composition

Oops, I overlooked something in Bruce Lisman’s profoundly narcissistic announcement of non-candidacy. It was right there in plain sight. Did you miss it, too?

Here’s a reduced version of his key statement.

In response to strong urgings by a broad cross section of Vermonters, … Bruce Lisman… today announced he will not be running for Governor of Vermont in 2014.

See it now?

The plain reading of that sentence is this: A broad cross-section of Vermonters was urging him NOT to run.

Cough. That news release was even more accurate than Lisman knew.

Kudos also to Lisman spokesflack Shawn Shouldice for putting out such an amusingly flawed sentence. Oopsie much?  

One thought on “Little Brucie Gets an “F” in composition

  1. I am always astonished that VPR treats The Bruce Lisman Project (acronym: CFV) as if it were a real political entity…

    In that they are very much like the National Propaganda Radio (NPR/Koch Brothers Radio) network…

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