Exit Lisman

Darn, I was right after all. Bruce Lisman is not running for Governor. His announcement of non-candidacy is just dripping with unwarranted narcissism.

In response to strong urgings by a broad cross section of Vermonters over the past few months and persistent media inquiries, Bruce Lisman, a native Vermonter, successful business executive, and founding officer of Campaign for Vermont today announced he will not be running for Governor of Vermont in 2014.

Good God. How full of himself is he?

Well, half full of himself, half full of bullshit.

“I love Vermont and believe that she faces serious challenges as seldom before in her history,” said Lisman. “At this time, however, I believe I can best contribute to improving Vermont’s future by publicly and vigorously advocating for a focused, core set of moderate, nonpartisan and common sense government reforms. Indeed, this coalition building effort is the best approach to policy change and consistent with my focus since 2011.”

Shorter Lisman: Vermonters far and wide have begged me to come to their rescue. However, I must sadly decline their urgings to be their Messiah and lead them to salvation. I can best serve the polity by doing whatever the hell I’ve been doing for the last three years.

Among other things, Lisman’s dithering about a possible run may well have completely derailed the Vermont Republican Party. I’ll have more to say about this in an upcoming diary.

What a schmuck.  

4 thoughts on “Exit Lisman

  1. in that John Galt manner that so many titans of Wall Street possess.  I’m quite surprised that he realized he had no chance of beating Shumlin with his phony brand of grass roots politics, came to his senses, and pulled out before too late.  But as with other things related to pulling out, the seeds of trouble are already planted.

  2. us, as we know him — a mere wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Personally, always wary of the “savior” meme as it invariably becomes the red flag id-ing those who use this model of donning the political equivalent of collar & halo while simultaneously attempting to elevate whatever the message to a supposed “higher calling” including the righteousness-rhetoric with object of affection, osensibly the beneficiaries of the “better days to come”, sealing the deal with promise of fixing messes made by predecessers now the “new improved” version of governance. Only fools including gullible public actually believe this cloaked-in-cloth line of buraeucratic bs.

    Regime-road-to-hell most often seems to be paved w/the winning savior meme. Always seems to arise when ppl are desperate following a cataclismic event such as the Wall St debacle in which Mr Lisman perversely plays role of perp after aiding & abetting theft out the back door then entering front door offering political salvation to the victims of the crimes.

    Upheaval following WWI, Weimar leading to the rise of the National Socialistic Workers Party the most infamous. Though this scenario is disproportionate to what is taking place w/Lisman here in VT & unlikely to ever replicate itself in a single state, still serves as textbook example re the rise of these political saviors all of whom really just want to grab the levers of power for their own selfish ambitions no matter the size, color or flavor.

    Knowledge is damning when linked to the other carpetbaggers appearing in our tiny state attempting to avoid the abhorrance of soiling themselves by being forced to hold nose, share the same piece of grass & airspace, no matter how briefly, conversing with Vermont-rabble on a personal level.

    Opting for the fast-track as it is so much easier to simply purchase, er, invest ones millions in Montpelier, 109 State St piece of real estate’s 5th floor office. Mere stepping stone of VT then serves as launching pad for the corrupt — another fast track to the big-money — Washington, which is what their eyes are really on. Vermont is nothing but a backwater leading to prized pot-of-gold.  

    Cannot nor will ever escape the Bear-Stearns badged-brand & newest symbol of Wall St avarice inherent within the banking system and financial markets, credit default swaps of corruption & carpetbagging in VT.  

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