Horace Greeley Could Still Be President

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As I noted in the socialmediazonez, my Favorite Vermont Birther, H Brooke Paige, was denied cert today, which makes me incredibly sad.  I've been earnestly waiting since March for SCOTUS to pick up the definitive case that would prove once and for all that Obama is or is not president.  Now we'll never, ever know.

*shakes fist at Horace Greeley, updates scorecard*


PS–I hope Paige still has Google Alerts on and provides one of his patented ALL CAPS responses. 

PPS–Birthers are sad:

[T]he US Supreme Court has once again abrogated their duty. They decided to not take on the appeal from the Vermont courts of H. Brooke Paige in Paige V Vermont. A challenge of Barack Obama’s natural born citizen status.

Sadly we have no functioning Supreme Court, no separation of powers.

No justice or justices.

It's almost like they don't even consider that SCOTUS might not take up a case because they agree with the 11 score rulings against The Cause so denying cert is, in fact, the Court's duty.


Still waiting for H Brooke Paige to emerge from his cave to set us right about how this is really a victory because SCOTUS didn't rule on merits. 

One thought on “Horace Greeley Could Still Be President

  1. have heard some persuasive arguments. However there is plenty of proof that birth certificate is legitimate. Though no fan of Donald Trump who seems to at least have a lick of sense, his panties are also in a bunch so I guess not.

    That this will ever go anywhere is quite a laugh. Unsure why the birthers don’t seem to get that this is a fools errand and nothing more.

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