Rhonda Taylor, Mother of MacAdam Mason, Issues Statement Upon Passage of H.225 – Taser Bill

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This week the Vermont House of Representatives voted unanimously to concur with the Senate proposal of Amendment of H.225 – the Taser bill.

Barring any technical problems that might pop up during vetting of the bill by his staff (which is a common disclaimer with any bill that hits his desk), it was reported by his staff that Governor Peter Shumlin intends to sign the bill into law.

H.225 came about and was introduced after the 2012 death of MacAdam Lee Mason, who died as a result of being shot in the chest with a Taser used by a Vermont State Police trooper.

Read news articles concerning these matters, here (via Times Argus; 5/9/2014), and, here (via vtdigger; 5/9/2014). Read an ACLU Vermont blog post on the subject (5/8/2014), here.

Upon receiving news about the passage of H.225 by the state legislature, Mr. Mason’s mother, Rhonda Taylor, penned and shared the following statement intended for publication (posted with direct permission):

I would like to thank so many, and find it difficult to know where to begin. I am grateful to the legislative committees in Vermont for their hard work and dedication in developing a bill (H225) that sets the standard of Electronic Control Device, e.g.Taser use in Vermont. Many advocates for civil, disability and human rights, legislators, LEAB and concerned citizens came together, working relentlessly over many months, to create this meaningful bill. Thank you! I also want to thank all Senators and House Representatives for recognizing the need for and their final approval of this bill on May 8th, 2014.

The H225 Bill defines specific guidelines for use, while also requiring and providing the training needed for all officers in the State when dealing with those in crisis or confronting persons with disabilities; in ways that will deescalate many situations.

Had the standards and training been in place in June of 2012, my son MacAdam Lee Mason would not have been killed by an unwarranted police tasering.

I am looking forward to the Governor signing this most welcome legislation into law! Vermont will soon set a precedent that I feel sure other states will follow.


Rhonda L Taylor


Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB)

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