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I am totally thankful to Terry Hallenbach for bringing to the public the discussion regarding our Vermont monetary policy. Most people have not equated private bank policy with the “unseen hand of the marketplace”, but sure enough, the economy is orchestrated just like puppets on strings by these financiers.   If I have begun dialogue then excellent! What can we do to circulate enough money to accomplish all the work we need  to do, and to give everyone the right to enough money to live with dignity?

I noticed in the comments that there were numbers of comments that were personally derisive. Well, that will always happen, I hope those people begin to focus on the real issue, and that is how to increase humane behavior, and cope with the predicaments at hand. Climate change, economic war against the majority, toxification of the planet and our food supply, addictions created by big pharma and a combination of hosts of people with a lack of personal purpose.  

There was one especially outrageous comment, suggesting that I “live off my father at 55” . I would not live off anyone, as if I am blood sucker. In fact I asked him for his financial support to give me the freedom to do the work I do, and it is out of respect that he gives it.   Yes, I could be making money, and having a small business, or whoring myself to big money.  In fact I am a member of a consulting group for hempcrete construction.  I have found however, that money is neither worth enslavement, nor is it worth godlike status, nor will it magically bestow happiness when reaped in excess.  Addiction is as heavy in wealthy classes as it is in poverty.

Money is quite simple, it is actually just a means of accounting. Ours is a rigged accounting system, it is not serving humanity, or Vermont.  Our victimhood is a matter of ignorance of the purpose and mechanisms of money.

More than money, the most important aspect of life, is to learn, and where one can form a sense of purpose to serve the greater good, that person is blessed beyond mere tokens of wealth.  

While the commenters may not be able to imagine it,  I alone of the candidates have the capacity to bring about a fairness and an integrity that we sorely need in this state.  I stand for that vision, and I am unashamed.  I am thankful that I can. I hope to have a little more fun this election season, however, which is why I call myself De Udder Party. I will suggest that the GOP choose a bovine mascot replace the elephant. Its just too weird to have an elephant mascot when no elephants naturally reside in the USA ! Furthermore, it’s plain as the nose on your face that the mascot was chosen by white men with inferiority complexes over African prowess. No wonder they chose an african animal with the great big trunk to represent them. Its time for a change and the Bovine is the divinely perfect choice.

 Every war is a conspiracy, each and every war is a economic one, fought for the financial gain of a few dark and secretive families. China and Russia have been poising themselves to replace the US dollar as the world reserve currency, and we know that Irag went down for  threatening to sell oil in the Euro.  It is my hope that we are wise enough in Vermont to see through that hoax.  It is my hope that we are ready to become far more self reliant, and more peaceful than we are now.

  Many cannot talk about the hard issues, and they chide me for doing so, but here are the easy issues.  Everyone loves clean water, clear air, a warm home, a full larder, so let me compete as a candidate so I can give you ideas of how most everyone can have them! Would it be such a bad thing to elect me and find that I am crazy for Vermont, and for its strength, its beauty, and the people here who are so close to nature, and the nature here.  

I want to see us rise up against this corporate empire and make it irrelevant, and grow strong children all of whom have unique purpose, to be in a State that can feed itself and power itself, and invite the rest of the world to watch us increase personal freedom from taxation and debt.  I think we can. I know we can.  What you have going on with money as speech and tar sands and taxation and imprisonment and poisons in the food, air and medicines is insanity.   Cruelty is insanity, harming the perpetrator more than the victim.  So, lets work on what really matters,fairness.  Let’s get more in touch with each other, and care about the next person, and let’s work together.  Let’s feel like humanity again, not vampires.  Lets know the difference between good crazy and bad, good crazy is brilliant, I got some of that going, and none of that other. So keep those comments coming! and lets do some publicity stunts, I hear the Green Mountain Boys 2.0 and the Red Courage Girls are coming to town!

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