Slow news day at the Free Press

I read once that if the headline of a news story ends in a question mark, the answer is always “No”.

 Really, Free Press?  

Is Emily Peyton the new face of Vermont's GOP?

Let me just assure you, that even without reading their front-page story, the answer is “No”. 

But let me ask a question of my own: Does the Free Press really have so much extra page space they can afford to waste so much of it on a story like this? 

38 thoughts on “Slow news day at the Free Press

  1. If Bill Sorrell is an example of what the Vt. Dem Party considers a ‘respectable’ candidate as opposed to a ‘wingnut’ or ‘truther’, then I say go with the wingnuts and truthers.

    You folks should stop doing the work of the Republican Party and the Corporations. That’s supposed to be the Tea Party’s job.  

  2. but I respect her for being a dogged voice of difference.

    The GOP could do a lot worse than to get behind her.

    That the BFP could even float this headline is indicative of the identity crisis raining down from the national party on Vermont’s Republicans.

    It really is time for them to rebrand or retire.  

    Maybe Peyton has something to offer them.  

  3. Oh, wait, I know!  This beaut from her letter to the Reformer last December.

    I write about expansion of soldiering in Vermont. We now have the F-35s, and our National Guard is honored to be chosen for special booster readiness training. The real honor is the huge quiet duty of our armed forces to fight a bloodless war to protect us from our domestic enemy. My hat tips to the true patriots among our forces, who, without fanfare, press or hero status, this fall averted a major nuclear false flag event in South Carolina. A false flag event is an attack waged by criminal uberwealthy upon Americans and made to look like terrorism (to motivate Americans to support more war and militarism). As a result of the recent averted false flag attack, there has been a purge of top military personnel responsible for our nuclear safety. It was they who prevented American deaths, they detonated the nuclear bomb at sea.

    It is my observation that our troops are likely being prepared for a war with China. War is totally necessary only for the criminal uberwealthy who need the chaos to refine their status further. Vermont troops, my prayers will be made for your safety and with my gratitude where you are able to protect us from the corporate enemy within. As one true patriot to another, I request that you hinder orders to create harm for profit’s sake, and do your best to raise the bar from below for wise, rational and human responses that are not based on money, but rather, heart.

    Emily Peyton,

    Putney, Dec. 17, 2013

    Of course, if the learned Ms. Peyton had spent one minute checking Snopes before hitting Send to the Reformer’s editor she would have spared herself the embarrassment of posting more crap on the web that had been debunked months earlier.

    Claim:   “President Obama fired several military officers for disobeying his order to destroy Charleston as part of a “false flag” attack.”



    Someone who gets her “facts” from Alex Jones’ for Governor!  That’s the ticket!

  4. …not being a Little Dem.  Why, what next?  Bernie running as an Independent in place of Nadar and sucking votes away from Hillary?  OMG!  Yes, it’s time for a REDERAL LAW and CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT outlawing all parties except the Republicans and Dems.  And make a law and an amendment codifying the REPUBLICRAT PARTY as the one true party.  Sort of like what that good ole boy Stalin did.  Shit.

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