HEY KIDS! You can become a conservative nutbar in six easy hours!

Screw the Farmers Market. Here’s how to spend Saturday, May 17.

With legislative elections approaching, we must be active and effective. We must learn to organize and communicate our message at a grassroots level. We need new leaders to come forward at the local level, to take a stand for free-market and limited government principles. …

American Majority, in partnership with the Ethan Allen Institute, is pleased to announce that we will be holding a New Leaders and Activist Training in Rutland, Vermont.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

The session costs a mere 20 bucks (10 for students) and “includes lunch.” Such a deal.

Topics include planning a campaign, fundraising, and “connecting with voters.” Presumably the latter category includes How To Avoid Saying Stupid Shit About Women, How To Avoid Saying Stupid Shit About Minorities, and How To Make A Tired Discredited Message Seen Fresh And Relevant.  

American Majority’s purpose is to develop a “national farm team of conservative leaders.” It’s another cog in the vast right-wing machine of innocuously-named “educational” organizations. More damning details from SourceWatch:

American Majority is involved in organizing protest and the health care “Recess Rallies” occurring in August 2009 in House districts. They also participate in Tea Party rallies…

Kenneth P. Vogel of Politico.com credited the organization with providing “deep-pocketed backing” of groups involved in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race in 2011, and grouped them with the Tea Party Express.

American Majority works with Michelle Malkin, RedState.com, American Liberty Alliance, Smart Girl Politics, Americans for Limited Government, FreedomWorks, the Sam Adams Alliance and other groups to organize opposition to health care reform.

That about sums it up. Welcome to Vermont, conservative nutbars! And our thanks to Rob Roper and the Ethan Allen Institute for bringing these folks to our state.  

One thought on “HEY KIDS! You can become a conservative nutbar in six easy hours!

  1. How To Avoid Saying Stupid Shit About Minorities

    And avoid becoming poster-boys & girls for the underground racist movement & jackassery of a few legislators, public officials, business owners & residents:

    Editorial: Tone deaf talk about race

    Aki Soga, Free Press Editorial Page Editor 12:08 a.m. EDT May 8, 2014


    – emphasis

    Slip of the tongue

    Stearns wants to move on following ‘Latinos’ comment

    By DOMENIC POLI / Reformer Staff

    Posted:   05/08/2014 03:00:00 AM EDT0 Comments

    BELLOWS FALLS — The municipal manager read a “recommended statement” Tuesday to respond to criticism over what he described as a slip of the tongue last week.

    Willis D. “Chip” Stearns II began Tuesday’s meeting of the Rockingham Selectboard by apologizing for saying he hoped a K9 unit the Bellows Falls Police Department may soon develop would make “a lot of Latinos leave.” He later said he meant to refer to a nationwide street gang known as the Latin Kings, which he believes is in the area and has “tagged” Rockingham Town Hall.


    Yeah sure Chip. Reading from a “recommended statement”, as it appears ya just couldn’t manage to spit something out all by yourself for fear of a lawsuit-inspiring f’k up, or clearly just don’t care – a mere inconvenient formality public officials must endure to avoid “hate crime” status.

    Given the outpouring of local support & defense of the infamous local barber who pretended to be a customer, remarking ‘the barber is’nt in’ when a visiting black man asked for a haircut. Then claiming when he was caught after an uproar & small protest of his barbershop he wasn’t a racist, but:

    – emphasis

    Over the course of an hour or so, as he cuts one man’s hair, then sits down to eat a muffin as he talks, he doesn’t hesitate to use the word “Negro” more than once.

    He also seems angry that Fisher spoke out about what happened.

    “What does he have to go stirring this up for?” he said, adding that he believes black people are more racist than white people.

    The barber shop itself has been in Bellws Falls for more than 50 years. Aldrich said he bought the shop in 1983.

    He said he’s not worried about the negative publicity affecting his business. A few customers mentioned the letter in the paper, he said, but they tended to bring it up as if it was “a big joke.”

    Quite sure you’ll fit right in at your new job in BF!

    Julies story, can’t believe it was that long ago:

    Dude. Seriously?

    by: JulieWaters

    Mon Nov 08, 2010 at 06:14:26 AM EST

    There’s a fairly subtle line between ignorance and hatred that can be difficult to discern from time to time.  If, for example, a barber refuses to cut the hair of a black man…



    Snarky, informed and witty I respect. Ignorant, petty and patronizing? Not so much so  

    by: JulieWaters

    Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 06:58:43 AM EST


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