Marijuana Revenue Update

Back in Marchwe were posting about a proposal to have the state study the potential revenue to be raised if marijuana were legalized and taxed.

Or, to put it another way, if Vermont decided to smarten up and end the de facto marijuana tax exemption that criminalization causes.

The first time around it was ruled out of order as not being germane to the miscellaneous tax bill its supporters tried to add it to, but Rep. Kristina Michelsen, D.-Hardwick, assured me that it would be brought up again.

That day was today. The House was debating S. 247, the Senate's marijuana dispensary bill, and Rep. Kesha Ram, D.-Burlington, proposed the same revenue amendment. This time it passed. Here's the language:


On or before January 15, 2015, the Secretary of Administration shall report to the General Assembly regarding the taxation and regulation of marijuana in Vermont. The report shall analyze:

(1) the possible taxing systems for the sale of marijuana in Vermont, including sales and use taxes and excise taxes, and the potential revenue each may raise;

(2) any savings or costs to the State that would result from regulating marijuana; and

(3) the experiences of other states with regulating and taxing marijuana.

The amendment passed, the bill passed, and now it's up for third reading and, presumably, back to the Senate for reconciliation with the revenue provision intact. 

Congratulations to the forward-thinking legislators who kept this issue alive!

5 thoughts on “Marijuana Revenue Update

  1. It is sad that Kristina will be replaced this fall by Republican and gun enthusiast Larry Hamill.  At least he’s not one of those rabid right-wingers.

  2. I guess a study would have to be done regardless & may be a good thing as it would bring clear & compelling evidence for the many benefits of legalization — one being taxation, very likely the primary reason to do so.

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