Welp, the Republican race for Governor is off to a whiz-bang start

Strategically placed on the Main Street roundabout in Montpelier:

Nice slogan.

Peyton is, as you may know, the only declared candidate for the Republican nomination.

“Paging Heidi Scheuermann. Heidi Scheuermann, please pick up the red courtesy phone.”  

6 thoughts on “Welp, the Republican race for Governor is off to a whiz-bang start

  1. it sort of looks from the photo that the sign is made from a huge plastic trash bag or something along those lines.

    If so, after election day and no matter what the result, these signs could possibly be used by the candidate and their supporters to pick up roadside trash and fallen leaves.

  2. however the sign in the above photo is gone from the area it had been planted. Could be it was taken with the wind. When using light and flexible materials like that for a sign, if it does not have wind breaks cut into it, the thing will take flight in the wind easily enough, particularly on a day like today. From a distance I thought I spotted something laying down on the outside skirt of the roundabout, but am not sure whether it could be the sign in question.

  3. Peyton has already appealed to the Vermont GOP to waive Rule #18 of the Vermont Republican State Committee, to wit:


    The state committee will not support or promote any candidate for elective office who:

    1. (a) is a convicted felon;

    (b) has received less than 25% of the vote in two consecutive general elections as a candidate for statewide office; or

    (c) has run for legislative, federal, or statewide office in a general election after being defeated in a Republican Primary for the same office in the same election year.

    2. The executive committee, by majority vote, may exempt a candidate from Rule 1(b) or Rule 1(c) under extenuating circumstances.

    Peyton has announced that she will, as opposed to has, run against the eventual Republican nominee as the Udder Party candidate, a party name she believes could prevail because it’s just so damn clever and cute.  She probably hasn’t done her appeal to the committee much good by announcing also that her made up party name is some kind of homage to Fred Tuttle who blew away Jack McMullen and his millions in the ’98 VTGOP primary.

    I can’t speak to a disqualification via (a) but Peyton’s never achieved much beyond a fraction of 1%, twice I believe, and invoking Tuttle is just another example of her tone deafness.  I don’t think the VTGOP has quite gotten over the asshurt of the Tuttle affair enough yet for them to now tee her up for her vanity campaign at their expense.  At least Tuttle had a style that the average Vermonter could relate to; Emily not so much.


  4. Emily Peyton is cool.  It is in all of our interests to support her attempt to ‘subvert’ the Vt. Republican Party.  As I recall, Emily Peyton was once a candidate who supported legalizing Pot.  Yeah!  A NEWER & HIPPER VT. GOP!  FOX NEWS Says: “Why, even the Republicans in that state are pot-smoking Commies.  And probably all GAY too!”

    Now, next we need a Transgender candidate for the upcoming Republican primary.  And a Cross-Dresser.  And a Buddhist.  Wouldn’t it be ‘groovy’ to see a guy dressed in a sheet with a shaved head and a tambourine running in the Republican Primary?  Of course, he’d probably get beat in the primary by the other Republican candidate–the other guy with the shaved head, the Skinhead.

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