Fox 44 goes off air during Cosmos?

I have a report from Bristol that for the last three weeks at least, Fox 44 has turned off their RF transmitter during the air time of the new Cosmos TV show.  The person giving that report doesn’t have cable or Dish, and uses the proper HD antenna and receiver.  He says he gets Fox 44 all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, but the signal goes to static by the time Cosmos is supposed to come on.

Any body else on here receive TV by old-fashioned RF?

I’ll press my contact for more details…


44 was on this morning and past few days, but it is not on now when Cosmos is about to come on.

I dont know about every weekend.  I havent tuned it in regularly.  This morning it is weak with a blocky picture.  Probably strong by this afternoon.

On Saturday it was clear and nice. Today it was no signal.  Doesnt seem like just suddenly bad reception.

I sure would like a second source for confirmation.  Anybody else have RF reception for TV?

One thought on “Fox 44 goes off air during Cosmos?

  1. I’m an unlucky gettin-ripped-off-royally unhappy Comcast customer.

    First I heard of “Cosmos” odums comment to a diary was yesterday. Dalai Lama invoking spiritual powers upon VT?

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