The NBA (almost) comes clean

This week the new commissioner of the NBA came alarmingly close to an honest statement about the nature of big-time NCAA sports.

We've been covering The Most Corrupt Nonprofit in America (that isn’t the Catholic Church)®, and it seems that every week there is a new outrage to report.

 For instance, did you know that an NCAA athletic scholarship, that great charitable benefit that enables impoverished minority youth to get a college education, actually leaves the players in a four thousand dollar hole every year? Well, it's true.

Fortunately, the NCAA workers have a friend in the NBA. The new commissioner announced he was ready to start paying NCAA basketball players, at least to the extent of making up the gap.

Of course, there is a quid pro quo. The offer is contingent on a rule change keeping college basketball players out of the league for two years after their high school graduation, instead of the present “one and done” policy. Apparently they are finding that nineteen-year-olds, even talented ones, aren't good enough and tough enough to play in the NBA, so they'd like them to stay in the NCAA for more educational progress seasoning.

Yes, Adam Silver has come close to admitting that NCAA basketball is nothing more than an unpaid minor league for the NBA.

Once again, no apparent awareness of the hypocrisy comes from the NCAA or NBA. 

3 thoughts on “The NBA (almost) comes clean

  1. Not just corrupt but cheap and manipulative, to boot.

    And if the player isn’t so lucky and never makes it to the NBA, does he limp away with that debt?

    From what I have heard, it sounds like he also probably didn’t get much of an education for the time he spent in college.

  2. of corruption, or insular cultures period, logic, objectivity, consciousness or lack thereof typically results in comments which reveal the alternate reality.

    Astonishing to see how living in a bubble while primarily interacting w/fellow bubble-dwellers including echochamber alters their reality.

    Not a sports fan (I despise it!) except for baseball, but anyone who watches MSM is aware of the injuries, trauma & controversy as well as the sketchy “scholarships”.

    This appears to be nothing more than a modern form of slavery. Yes I know, no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head but the allure & seeming promise it holds for those who’s only shot at making something of themselves is, or they believe to be sports, it’s an unseen & invisible tragedy for those who are victimized by this system.

    Good to see it brought to the forefront & hopefully justice will be served & these young, mostly male athletes will be fairly compensated for the fortunes & fame they create for others at great risk to their own health & well being.  

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