Outrage In Vermont–Heroin/Rolling Stone/SORRELL!

“Rollin’ Stone…

says Vermont’s

got more heroin

than the whole damn


“Rollin’ Stone…

says Vermont’s

the place to go

if ya wanna ‘snow’ vacation

“Gonna catch me

a lotta Hell

when I send 5 copies

to Mr. Bill Sorrell

“Bill Sorrell…

where was he

when all this happened?

“Bill Sorrell…

was he takin’ money

or just nappin’?

“Gonna get me a Pepsi

if it’s still legal

and read all about Heroin

and Bill Sorrell

“In Rollin’ Stone…


“Sorrell ain’t IN the article?

Oh, that’s the U.S. Attorney General

in the article?

“But…what about

Bill Sorrell?…

Where is he now

in all this big

Vermont Heroin squawker?

“Is Vermont gonna

wind up next

in The New Yawka?

“Gonna see Vermont’s

smilin’ face

on the cover

of The New Yawk Times

“Rollin Stone…

“Bill Sorrell…

“17 years…


“17 years…

“Sugary Sweet Soft Drinks…


“Somethin’s wrong…

“For 17 years…”

When…OH WHEN!..and what has to happen now, for you Little Dems to demand ANSWERS from your Little Dem AG about HIS ‘culpability’ is in this OUTRAGE IN VERMONT?!

I will say it for you:  17 Years!  For the last 17 years, under Bill Sorrell’s watch, HEROIN trafficking and use has been growing by leaps and bounds in Vermont.  But, in the last 17 years, Bill Sorrell’s biggest issue has been SODA!


Not hundreds off cases still open on abuse of the elderly and disabled–SODA!

Not abuse of migrant and immigrant workers’ rights–SODA!

Not a possible pipeline that traffics missing young girls through Vermont--FUCKING SODA!!!

What Vermonters should be OUTRAGED about is that CORRUPTION OF A PERSON who now holds–and for 17 years! has held–the office of Vermont Attorney General!  Not the defamation of a container of Vermont Maple Syrup!

HELLO BILL!  I say you are one sleazy piece of work!  I go so far as to say that YOU are the ONE who put VERMONT in ROLLING STONE.  Because I believe YOU have been CRIMINALLY negligent, or, perhaps, CRIMINALLY ASSOCIATED with this growing Heroin problem for the last…what was that, Peter?…oh yeah…17 YEARS!

HELLO???   Any comment from the Office of Vermont Attorney General?  There ought to be.  Shhh…listen…hear that?…it’s so quiet…yeah, too quiet…must be folks are zoned-out…yeah…well…maybe soon the gunfire in the streets will wake them.

Maybe?  Nah…

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vermont (‘Snow’ Capital of the EAST)

10 thoughts on “Outrage In Vermont–Heroin/Rolling Stone/SORRELL!

  1. Next time, I won’t waffle.  I’ll just accuse the little corruption of being INVOLVED in the Heroin flow into Vermont.  What is the matter with these Little Dems?  If Kim Yong-un moved to Vermont and became a Dem and ran for office–would they support him too?  Their support is their SILENCE in the Sorrell issue.  I remember in 2002, at a forum at Kellogg-Hubbard Library on the new Patriot Laws.  Sorrell and the U.S.Attorney from Burlington.  And every time Sorrell was asked about who would protect Vermonters’ First Amendment rights, he answered, something to the effect, that the Patriot Laws were FEDERAL, and that his job was to only make sure no STATE laws were violated–meaning, do nothing, cooperate.

    And every time an immigrant worker has been deported from Vermont before receiving his/her last paycheck from the farmer or restaurant owner, Sorrell has said that it’s a FEDERAL Dept. of Immigration case–his hands are tied, forget about the paycheck.

    This man is an ABOMINATION.  And two more years of him?  Hell, we’ll have people getting shot down in the streets.  On top of the people who get shot down and tasered by State and local police, which he is quick to act on by whitewashing.

    Maybe Sorrell should just come out and say that HEROIN IS FEDERAL.  Then he can concentrate on SODA.  And getting re-elected.  He should be investigated.  The Vermont Democratic Party should ‘purge’ him.  Stardust, can you think of how the people in any other State in the Union would react if they had an AG who did absolutely NOTHING about their State being taken over by Heroin Traffickers?  I’m trying to imagine this.  It seems all beyond the pale.  REPUBLICANS are supposed to be the BAD GUYS.  Why the SILENCE?

  2. poppies will put them to sleep:

    Even the cold VT snow was unable to awaken our sleeping official(s) or those caught in this deadly web. But issue serves as wonderful cover for the many blunders in the Shummy show namely the glitch-laden “troubled rollout” of Shummycare which he now intends to shove through another election cycle which would be, three & counting? Devoting entire State of State to it a huge snowjob, fooled VT & entire msm as story was widely circulated. Sidewinder is Shummy.

    Nothing has changed. It was like this in the 70s only exception VT was pretty much spared. But the massive supply of Canadian crystal meth was in full swing using the same supply lines. Even young teens in NEK saw pounds of crystal rock, my roomate at the halfwayhouse/school I attended died from of an od when she returned home for a break. Heart literally exploded we heard.

    Daddy sugar is back with something sweeter. Big difference is there were few if any legitimate uses for crystal meth. There are so-called “legitimate” uses (pain) & now ever more powerful forms of opiates continue to enter the market to blunt & block any progress in stopping the avalanch of this US military-protected product of Afghani poppyfields. Personally, I’d love to get junked out again, but I have people around me who I’m helping stay clean & others who would fall by my example.

    WTF??? And it’s not even tamper proof!!!

    With FDA standing pat on painkiller, states fighting opiate scourge step in with bans, limits

    By BETH GARBITELLI  Associated Press

    April 04, 2014


    I think we can see that our leaders have sacrificed our youth & everyone else whose lives are destroyed by this scourge on the altar of Pharma & their high priests, none other than our very own FDA. And, what’s the answer to all this? Lifetime addiction, er “treatment” via another highly addictive, er “habitforming” opiate substitute w/slightly euphoric side effects — Suboxone! I call it the new-age “Soma”, although there is a legitimate muscle relaxer by the same name.


    So Pharma still wins all the way around. Setting the stage for the “plan” we are now being told, even in VT that opiate abuse is a “chronic condition”. Really??? Hey guess what, if they had to go cold turkey in a hospital or rubber room each time this would not be the case. I guess it’s going to be an illness in need of treatment now. And I have had former friends say as much. They’re “addicts”. Only unlike those who attend AA & stay clean & sober there’s no “cure”.    

    it’s so quiet…yeah, too quiet…must be folks are zoned-out…yeah…well…maybe soon the gunfire in the streets will wake them.

    Or are they too on her-o-in…

  3. is causing outrage in VT due to the depiction on the cover:

    The New Face of Heroin

    The explosion of drugs like OxyContin has given way to a heroin epidemic ravaging the least likely corners of America – like bucolic Vermont, which has just woken up to a full-blown crisis

    By David Amsden April 3, 2014 9:00 AM ET Comment 104


    VT, regional media weigh in:





  4. …what has Sorrell done?  W#hat is his record on this?  How is it that the Governor weighs in, but the AG doesn’t?

  5. In fact, so good that I should prod you more and soon you’ll be writing my posts for me.  Thank you for weighing in (which Sorrell only does when it comes to white-washing a Vermonter’s death at the hands of LE}.

    You got really cranked up.  Are you drinking SODA, stardust?  Watch out.  You’ll wind up on one of Bill’s ‘lists’–I’m sure he has them, like his possible mentor, J. Edgar, who was good at getting the dirt on MLK, JFK, RFK and everyone else who was a COMMUNIST, instead of going after organized crime.  The The Kennedys had to do that.

    Well, he had to be doing SOMETHING these last 17 years.  

  6. panoramic continuum emerges following the impetus of certain types of information following varying periods of dormancy. Your animated & imaginitave input seems to have a scintillating effect & acts as trigger.

    I don’t go to it, it comes to me I merely respond. Blank screen waiting for the next input of code to be written upon & absorbed into DOS. Nice codes PS!

    Extremely discouraged by the seemingly endless agency deficiencies, mismanagements, sketchy antics resulting in ongoing injustice & resultant problems we and our fellow Vermonters & other humans must face.

    And yes, I care very much about the missing 400,000 kiddies but added to the other miseries I’m already following: N. Korean 250,000 + gulag residents, numbers go up or down depending on how many are executed vs how many new are entered into their systematic destruction machine, brothels throughout India & SE Asia “employing” the smallest of children, women in Muslim countries married as young as 7-8 yo who are simply sex slaves to males they marry & become servant to “husband’s” entire family, lighting themselves on fire when they learn to use matches to escape this nightmare & end up hospitalized if they are “lucky” enough to survive, wrapped in body-bandages, which is apparently preferable to the life they leave behind. Humans kept in captivity such as Elisabeth Fritzl, FLDS “lost boys”, children, mainly grammar-schoolaged boys fighting in African & other wars. Worldwide victims of RCC nationalized & institutionalized abuses by nuns & priests. New pastimes to satisfy the ever-increasing population of sick pervs in our world – stomping puppies & kittens to death & filming it for other sickos, just to name a few.

    Forgive me for my world-is-sick weariness, but yes, I really do care.

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