Who Sez They Don’t Do Nuthin’ Up The Capital?

(Almost missed this one! – promoted by Sue Prent)

from House calendar for tomorrow’s session:

Amendment to be offered by Rep. Michelsen of Hardwick to the recommendation of amendment of the Committee on Government Operations to S. 86

First: By adding a Sec. 73a to read:


Winter shall end on March 20th of every year, and after that date, there shall

not be any:

(1) snow;

(2) storms; or

(3) temperatures below freezing.

Second: In Sec. 74, by adding a subdivision (4) to read:

(4) Sec. 73a (prohibition on long winters) shall take effect on April 1,

2014, and shall apply to every year thereafter.

3 thoughts on “Who Sez They Don’t Do Nuthin’ Up The Capital?

  1. How can the Vermont legislature even consider burdening Winter with these job killing regulations !

    This is indeed a  slippery slope! What’s next- force Summer to overstay into Fall? Or extend Fall for the economic benefits of foliage season?

    Winter may be forced to flee Vermont across the Connecticut River to unregulated New Hampshire (Live Freeze and Die).

  2. I would rather talk about her amendment to for a committee to study Cannabis legalization, and how Typical Milquetoast Democrat Shap Smith ruled it out of order because it might actually do something useful…

  3. On the one hand, if such a law were enforceable, it would kill the Maple Syrup/Sugar industry.

    On the other, it might prevent the conversion of currently diverse Vermont forests into vast swaths of skinny little maple saplings which have been given a severe buzz cut across their tops in order to maximize sap flow and force a faster seedling-to-production cycle.

    There are always trade-offs.



    For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.  ~ Richard P. Feynman

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