So we have our answer

A few days ago we asked “How can they say no?” and the question was how could the Legislature possibly refuse to even look at the revenue potential of marijuana legalization.

You see, right now, marijuana growers in Vermont are getting a huge tax break by escaping both sales and income taxes on their sales, and a cadre of House members thought it would be a good idea to put a stop to this and start collecting money to help balance the state budget. An amendment was proposed to the miscellaneous tax bill, it garnered over fifty cosponsors, it even gained the support of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

So what happened when it got to the floor?

 * * * Joint Fiscal Office Report * * *


On or before January 15, 2015, the Joint Fiscal Office shall report to the General Assembly regarding the projected revenue and cost impacts of the taxation and regulation of marijuana.

Thereupon, Rep. Koch of Barre Town raised a Point of Order in that the amendment was not germane to the bill, which Point of Order the Speaker ruled well taken.

I wasn't there but by the outcome I have to figure that the amendment's supporters didn't have the votes to override the Speaker's ruling.

Of course, we do have a bicameral legislature, and I understand there is support in the Senate, so we'll keep watching this one. 


6 thoughts on “So we have our answer

  1. with procedural trickeration.

    He ruled the amendment “not germane” to the underlying tax bill, which is within his purview but seems a stretch. After all, the amendment called for studying a potential revenue source. But hey, sometimes it’s good to be da Speaker.  

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  3. I was very pleased when I heard the news of so many cosponsors in the House and that the committee supported it.  That should help with the effort to add it in the Senate version. It would have better to have had an affirmative vote in the House, but I think there is a clear signal that if it were on the bill they would accept it.

    I will be sure to bring it up with my Senate colleagues although some of them are also already thinking the same thing I am sure.

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