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  1. feel the need to downgrade comment & am trying to avoid it entirely, nor am I a fan of dogpiled gang-ratings or uprating a negative comment against someone I frequently disagree with. I’m unsure if it definatively passed troll muster but suggesting violence unless clearly hyperbole probably does.

    The gender issue to me is more important — why should a woman be able to suggest threatening or punching a man when if the roles were reversed it would definately not be ok? If any male on this site did this it would be a very big deal (I suspect). Plus you’re accusing author of diary of making hateful posts in the same post.

    We know a young couple who when fighting became mutually physically violent, btdt also. They were both about equally at fault imo. The male felt he was getting a bad rap because in all or most cases he claimed he was the one who was physically attacked first & said he was defending himself.

    I believed this to likely at least much of the time but said you need to do whatever the hell you need to do to avoid using physical contact, violent or not. I also said most men are large & strong enough to kill a woman easily by strangling, striking or pushing, like into a wall. Most women would not be able to do this easily w/o a weapon (iron frying pan, hammer, bat etc)

    I also said police routinely give women a pass & bruises on women are damning. Although it may take every bit of inner strength you have leave the residence if you are attacked. Period! Deal w/the world the way it works & do not ever hit a woman. You need to figure out how to do this but how would you feel if you did accidentally kill her?  I think I got through to him b/c I acknowledged that it is not ok for a woman to physically attack men & I did hear him.

    The last time he was physically attacked he did leave & they are not together at this time. And I do know a couple of women who would be pulling time if they were male.


  2. You post a brief comment suggesting that a front pager should be punched in the face. You get troll-rated enough times, the system hides the comment.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for making the comment in the first place, and certainly for throwing a temper tantrum on the sidebar after a very understandable and appropriate barrage of troll-rates. It’s what we call “natural consequences” to our children. Suck it up, file it away, and move on.

  3. I personally cannot applaud anyone for not doing something that is a crime in the first place if violence or victimization is suggested or involved. Many men do not even report abuse as it makes them feel look or feel wimpy. Women are not the only victims in this world.

    Many frontpagers & others have been the target of grenade-style assaults for expressing opinions you & others disagree with. While FP positions are often boldly & strongly worded, others have presented strong disagreements to these same frontpagers in a manner which did not greatly diminish either position & when engaged politely valuable opinions on both sides have been presented – these are the ones who really should be applauded. Personally have learned much from the exchanges witnessed on this site & counting.

    Blogosphere is brutal & not for the fainthearted. While GMD seems to be the Wild West of the VT blogosphere, indiscriminate attacks are likely to receive proportionate responses.  

    I too have had to extricate myself from your deceptive traps & simply walk away. It changes nothing. Dealing treacherously w/others is a bad move as you then lose that person’s respect altogether. When a pattern has formed which results in continual repitition of same results we alone are the only ones who can change the pattern. Continuing to defend the indefensible is not moving on.

    You & your friend do not seem to accept any rules of engagement but your own. Nor do you two seem to get that the machinations are oh-so obvious & hence skewer-worthy. We do not get to make the rules for those around us or demand that our opinions & worldview become the status quo or even accepted – this is the behavior of a control-freak. Objecting to & resisting officious control is not a crime in any sense & in fact a duty imo.  

    There are standards that exist which can be upheld or torn down. Or a standard can be raised where there is none resulting in positive or negative consequences. This is politics & why many do not “discuss religion or politics”. We individually do not necessarily get to make the choice of what stands or falls. Those who do or attempt this are aka tyrants.

    Issue becoming reminiscent of Peter Rabbit & his forays into Mr. McGregors garden. Peace.


  4. It’s all just PCBS.  Like PRESIDENT HUXTABLE.  Some of these Little Dems  (Little Dems?!–the fuck you mean?!) are sensitive.  It therefore is incumbent on you and I to be more thick skinned.  And don’t fight with stardust–cause she’s OK.

    Talking about punching out a front pager in a comment is naturally gonna get that comment hidden.  I myself think INDUSTRIAL WIND is Big Corporate Energy saying:  “Yeah, we can do GREEN.  But it’s gonna cost ya.”  And they’ll fuck it up and ask for a Bail-out, as in Blowin‘ In The Wind…(OMG!).

    Remember what President Huxtable says:  “Shit!  You think you got problems?…They won’t even let me do my job.  How much JELLO PUDDING do you think I’ve had to eat since 2009?”

    So, calm down, Katrinka.  Remember too that only the ‘mysterious’ Thomas Rowley is allowed to rip apart posters.  Notice Rosemarie Jackowski has DISAPPEARED?

    Ummm…Jello Pudding…it’ so…so…CORRECT…Ummm…….

    Oh, I know…I’ll recommend your post.  Hehheh…………

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