‘Open Issue’ To Bernie

Hey, Bernie.  There’s about 300,000 to 400,000 missing kids (under 18) in America YEARLY.  Seems to me that if there were 300,000 missing Women or Gays or CHRISTIANS or Polacks or whatever, there would be a SERIOUS EFFORT to stop that.  But, with the kiddies here, I haven’t even heard of a SERIOUS STATEMENT from our governing leaders about this Holocaust of Children.

I think you should take this issue up, Bernie.  Then Lib-er-als will have something they can put their energy into, since they’re not putting it into War and Injustice.

Further, I think you should run in the 2016 Dem Primary with this as one of your issues.  If you run in the Dem Primary, they’ll HAVE TO LET YOU in the Debates.  And Hillary will have to make you her VP.  And then you can go to town in the National Media.  (FOX News will love it)

But really, it is way past time for this nation to pay attention to its children.  They are going missing.

Human/Sex Trafficking has become a BIG BUSINESS.  Slavery.  I wouldn’t be surprised, if this keeps up, that someday Wall Street will list Missing Children on the Stock Exchange.  

Do it, Bernie.

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.

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