Aftermath of Burlington ballot items

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1. School Budget for FY 2015. Convincingly defeated and it seemed to be a theme across many towns across the state. The property tax formula that comes from the Legislature probably has to change, as is argued in another post.

2. TIF District. The Moran plant demolition scenario. It passed and I'm glad it did. One hopes there is a finality to this. If not, the Moran plant redevelopment could take on as a pun to Groundhog Day.

3. Increase in tax rate for the general fund. Narrow approval for a small increase. This felt more justified than the school budget. The narrowness of the approval might be something to consider. The mayor can't be guaranteed that he'll get approvals on more increases in the upcoming years if he comes back to the city voters to ask for more. A little bit of tax fatigue but not enough just yet.

4. Referendum on Issuance of Bonds to purchase Winooski River dam under bridge connecting Burlington and Winooksi. Burlington said yes to common sense.

5. Redefining Ward Boundaries. Approved and has to be approved by the Legislature. It won't be a problem. Now it's just a matter of seeing how it will be in practice and whether there is a lot of confusion for voters. 

6. Confiscate weapons in domestic abuse incident. Approved. Needs to be approved by Legislature. It isn't going to happen anytime soon.

7. Charter change to forbid firearms in any establishment with a liquor license. Approved as well. It won't get the Legislature's blessing. 

8. Safe storage of firearms. 3 out of 3 gun-related ballot items approved and by wide margins. There sure were a lot of signs pro and con that littered the lawns and sidewalks of the city.I'll be glad to see those gone. Now the question is, as Sue Prent asked, can an overdue conversation begin on this fraught topic?


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