Update: More election night news

Add Charleston to the list of towns that passed resolutions against piping tar sands oils.


‘Just got a joint presser from 350.org and the National Wildlife Federation confirming that at least twelve Vermont towns report that they have passed resolutions against tar sands oil being piped through the Northeast Kingdom:

Vermonters again expressed wide concern over the possibility of toxic tar sands being transported through an aging pipeline in the Northeast Kingdom or by other means. As of Tuesday night, residents of at least 12 towns – some of them crossed by the 60-year-old pipeline, others nearby – reported that they had passed resolutions expressing concerns and calling for careful environmental review of any proposal regarding tar sands. The towns include Albany, Barton, Glover, Hartland, Jay, Richmond, Shelburne, Stannard, Strafford, Sutton, Westmore and Wheelock. Several others had planned to consider resolutions as well. To date, 41 Vermont towns have called on our leaders to stand up for the state’s waters, farms, and future against tar sands transport.


In St. Albans City and St. Albans Town, Town Meeting Day 2014 was a total rout for incumbents on the City Council and Selectboard alike.

I took particular pleasure in the City’s results, which saw the first female Council member seated in nine years, as Tammie DiFranco defeated Aaron O’Grady in Ward 3.  Also defeated was one-term incumbent Jeff Young, who lost Ward 4 to his predecessor Scott Corrigan.

In the Town, longtime Selectman, Bill Nihan was overwhelmingly defeated by Stanley Dukas; as was Steve Coon, whose seat went to Bruce Cheeseman.  

Of further note, Town of St. Albans voters finally approved a 1% local sales tax.  The primary reason for the sales tax?  Infrastructure pressures from the new development centered on that huge Walmart that just opened in October.  

‘Told ya so.

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