Town Meeting Blues–for Gwen Hallsmith

(A Country-Blues song)

Last year I went to Town Meeting

Voted for all the right folks

Filled out the Doyle Poll

And talked to the Mayor

He laughed at all of my jokes

But this year I ain’t on that checklist

That goddamn Bank foreclosed on my home

The City Clerk said that livin’ in a box

Was not the way voting districts

Were zoned

My wife and kids left me

After the Mayor laid me off

He said he wanted to save money

For the town

He said that my job

On street maintenance

Could be done by all the work release folks

Comin’ around  

And around

Around and around

Ohhhh…So I can’t go to Town Meeting

But I guess that ain’t all that bad

Cause every time I voted the previous year

The next year I wound up with less

Than I had


Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, VT.


3 thoughts on “Town Meeting Blues–for Gwen Hallsmith

  1. nicely Petey. Good one and so true! Thanks for the comedy relief – we need as much as we can get in our depressing dystopian world.

  2. All of which reminds me that it’s about time to check in with Marilyn Hackett and see how they’re treating her these days.

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