Less snow for snowmobiles has *nothing* to do with climate change!

An interesting show on VPR’s Vermont Edition today. Talking about how great snowmobiling is and how terrible that we have way less snow now than we used back in the good old days of yore.

Finally, a caller made the point that the reason there’s less snow today is because of exhaust from vehicles, such as snowmobiles, causing the climate to change, and instead of inculcating or children to waste gas on snow machines and kill off their future, maybe we should teach them to preserve their lives instead?

The guest from VAST had no response, obviously.

One thought on “Less snow for snowmobiles has *nothing* to do with climate change!

  1. We’ve heard it all before.

     “Just let us tear through your quiet winter wilderness and we’ll be out of your way before the stench and roar even leaves the air!”

    No, somehow I’m not surprised that they don’t relate to the possibility that their choice of “recreation”  has anything to do with the fix we’re in as a planet.

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