Did Phil Scott just endorse a Right To Work bill?

(Probably not, but maybe.)

Found today on True North Reports, the right-wing “news” site that’s usually not worth the time it takes to click a mouse, is an item that’s actually worth noting. It’s about the introduction of H.772, the Right To Work Act, by two Republican state representatives. It was accompanied by the usual conservative freedom rhetoric — as if the greatest threat to workers’ freedom is the tyranny of labor unions, not, say, corporate paymasters who try to keep salaries and bennies as stingy as possible.

But I digress. None of the freedomy jibjab is worth my time or yours. But the last paragraph of TNR’s story provides an extensive quote from our Lieutenant Governor, Phil Scott:

Vermont Lt. Governor Phil Scott shared his support for legislation aiming to make Vermont more competitive. “I applaud the efforts of legislators, who understand that improving Vermont’s economy is one of the most important, if not the most important thing we must address in order to keep Vermont competitive on a regional and global scale” said Lt. Gov. Scott in an emailed statement. He also identifies with the struggle that Vermont business owners have. “As a small-business owner, I know first-hand the difficult environment that businesses face in this state, and know that we all have a hand in making it better. In this light, I am repeating my call to every committee, whether House or Senate, to view each and every bill through the lens of: “How will this grow jobs and help Vermont’s economy?” I fear we may be running out of time to focus on these issues; the economy can’t be fixed overnight.”

If you skim over that paragraph in the context of the article, you could easily conclude that Scott has endorsed the measure. If you look more closely, you’ll note a passel of Phil Scott weasel-words: he applauds “the efforts of legislators” to improve Vermont’s competitiveness, and “identifies with the struggle” of Vermont business owners in this “difficult environment” for business. And he urges lawmakers to consider “each and every bill through the lens of” job growth.

Nothing he hasn’t said before. Now, did the TNR writer take a generic Phil Scott comment and creatively append it to his Right To Work article? Or was this Scott’s actual reaction to the introduction of Right To Work?

If the latter, it looks like Scott’s attempt to avoid taking an actual position while giving a hearty dog-whistle to conservatives on one of their pet issues.

Either way, it’s another chapter in Phil Scott’s Profiles In (What’s The Opposite Of) Courage.  

4 thoughts on “Did Phil Scott just endorse a Right To Work bill?

  1. the right to work the dog-whistle

    Last  November when the “moderate” Sunderland was elected VTGOP chair  I remember Lt. Gov. Scott prescribed and embraced VTGOP dogwhistling .  

    “To some of you, I’m not conservative enough. I get it. I respect that,” Scott told the crowd. “I’m not asking you to change who you are, I only ask that you consider how you present yourselves.”


    Suggested slogan for 2014  – Phil Scott: probably not but maybe  

  2. “I’m not asking you to change who you are, I only ask that you consider how you present yourselves.”

    Tantamount to instructing them to be sneaky-er. IOW – learn to lie like a rug a bit nicer kids!

    I’ve never trusted him.

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