An Apology to Amy Regarding The Rifle On the Wall Story

Yesterday, I asked if the Rifle on the Wall Story was true.  My suspicions were based on slightly different accounts being told by differently named individuals.  I said that I’d take my lumps as being a cynical jerk and issue an apology for questioning the veracity of the story if necessary.  Here is that apology to you, and to you alone.

26 thoughts on “An Apology to Amy Regarding The Rifle On the Wall Story

  1. Your “apology” reeks of insincerity.  IF Amy saw your diary post that apparently Sue Prent thought was so front page worthy – and I sincerely hope that she didn’t – I pray she saw it as was; just another gun control nut who has run out of legitimate arguments and seeks to blame the victim with their verbal bullying.  If you heard her voice the night of the Burlington City Council meeting, if you saw her hands shake and the tears stream down her face after her two minutes were up, maybe you and Sue wouldn’t have been so quick to get your kicks beating on her.  Because questioning what was clearly VERY traumatic just puts the victim through it all over again. But, then I’m guessing that’s where you and Sue types get your kicks from.

    Burlington banning firearms on the property of any establishment possessing a liquor license means that not only can she not carry into a restaurant where she might want to have dinner with friends – whether she is going to have a drink or not, she can’t even legally have her firearm in the car in the parking lot or property under the ownership or control of said restaurant. That means that wherever she lives, from the minute she leaves home, she can’t protect herself.

    Hopefully she won’t have to stop at a drug store – I hear they’re becoming quite the popular spot for a armed criminals these days.

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