Campaign for Vermont, Wall Street and Kappa Beta Phi (UPDATED)

(There it is, in living black and white.  Inquiring minds want to know if this is indeed Vermont’s Bruce Lisman:  Mr. Transparency. – promoted by Sue Prent)

I recently read an article claiming that Campaign for Vermont’s founder and primary funder, Bruce Lisman, is a member of the Wall Street fraternity Kappa Beta Phi. When I inquired today whether Bruce was still a member the Campaign shut off my ability to comment on their Facebook page. While the Campaign purports transparency and ethics for thee, it appears they aren’t ready to be quite as transparent themselves.

Here’s a link to the story I tried to question them about.…

And, here’s a list of the members of “Kappa Beta Phi: Wall Street Chapter”. Notice Bruce Lisman is listed as a member since 2001.…

Why would they be so threatened by such an inquiry as to shut off access to those asking questions?

What are they hiding?

UPDATE: Paul Heintz writes about Lisman’s involvement here:…

6 thoughts on “Campaign for Vermont, Wall Street and Kappa Beta Phi (UPDATED)

  1. He’s probably trying to “purchase” the damning photos now that the cat is out.

    I’ve seen what appears to be a concerted effort to distance him from the incendiary description of a “Bear-Stearns” investment banker in favor of the more innocuous & generic “Wall Street investment firm” executive or editors of op-eds referring only to his place of residence & that he is the founder of CFV which is factually true, but not the truth.

    The collapse:

    Lisman: Essential Transparency

    Commentary Oct. 16, 2013 7 Comments

    Editor’s note: This commentary is by Bruce Lisman, a resident of Shelburne and the founder of Campaign for Vermont.

    Transparency is the essential ingredient in transforming state government into an organization capable of solving Vermont’s most pressing challenges. It’s also the most valuable tool in holding government accountable to the very people who government serves and who actually elect the government. Imagine it: government transparency – the ability to measure how well government is led and managed, not merely administered.

    So, ostensibly the lack thereof disqualifies him from any office or continuing the discussion of “transparency”.

    And, he was in in bad company as far back as approx 10 years:


    Other members of the panel are Bruce M. Lisman, senior managing director at Bear Stearns & Company; Robert H. McCooey, chief executive officer of the Griswold Company; Duncan L. Niederauer, managing director at Goldman, Sachs & Company; William R. Power, a member of the exchange’s board; Robert S. Shafir, head of global equities at Lehman Brothers Inc.; and Daniel W. Tandy, senior managing director at Prime Executions Inc.

    Quite a roster of well known bad guys in the same breath.

    So Lisman makes off with his fortune to VT — underlings get free  “grief counselelors” yeah, rub that salt in:

    [..]Bear also told employees that grief counselors were standing by.

    “The stability of your world is shattered,” Ari Kiev, a psychiatrist who counsels financial executives, told The Times. “You are angry at the firm for failing you. But it’s more than money. It’s the shame and embarrassment. Now the question is, can you pay for the house and do you give up the second car?”

    No shit sherlock … no more Chivas, it’s down to Dewars – or even, ulp, … Crown! Oh the shame ~shudder~.


  2. Lisman is a fraud.  He is just another business guy out to steal whatever they can by hiding behind the veil of transparency.  He proved this when he got away clean out of the Wall street disaster, leaving others to go down with his ship.  

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