Contested races in Montpelier

It was learned at tonight's Montpelier Board of Civil Authority meeting that next month's election will be a rarity for Montpelier in recent years: contested up and down the slate.

Not only is there a contest for mayor, every City Council seat is contested and there is evenn a race for Parks Commissioner.

Here's the list of candidates, as posted on the city's web page: Thanks to the efficiency of our Town Clerk, John Odum, for getting this information out so quickly!


FOR MAYOR – For a Term of 2 Years (Vote for not more than ONE)


FOR GREEN MOUNT CEMETERY COMMISSIONER – For a Term of 5 Years (Vote for not more than ONE)


FOR PARK COMMISSIONER – For a Term of 5 Years (Vote for not more than ONE)


FOR SCHOOL COMMISSIONER – For a Term of 3 Years (Vote for not more than TWO)


FOR COUNCIL PERSON, DISTRICT 1 – For a Term of 2 Years (Vote for not more than ONE)


FOR COUNCIL PERSON, DISTRICT 2 – For a Term of 2 Years (Vote for not more than ONE)


FOR COUNCIL PERSON, DISTRICT 3 – For a Term of 2 Years (Vote for not more than ONE)

Given the changes in the Council's approach to things since the recent swing to the right, and the dust-up between incumbent Mayor John Hollar and his challenger Gwen Hallsmith, if the candidates really put on a campaign this could be the most interesting municipal election in the capital city in years. 
It can be tough to run a door-to-door campaign in the Vermont winter, but I've already had a visit from one of our candidates. For people who have bemoaned the lack of contested races in the last several election cycles this is welcome news. 

2 thoughts on “Contested races in Montpelier

  1. We moved to Montpelier in October.  I don’t know Dona Bate or the incumbent Andy Hooper.  I’ll watch the TA for profiles of them and the Park & School folks.

  2. I’m running for District 1 City Council position to implement its incredible citizen driven Master Plan; to promote the acceptance and expansion of a Regional Public Safety Authority; and to improve council communication for briefer meetings and with its committees. We need to build on what previous councils and community work has provided us.  

    When I moved to Montpelier 47 years ago I fell in love with its physical and political landscape. Humans and nature seemed more interconnected here, and with more potential for harmony amidst diversity.  I also found people to be more connected and more tolerant of differences. My two sons took their quality MPSP education onto Bennington College, Brown University and the Peace Corp and the International Schools in Beijing China.  

    We need more diversified housing, neighborhood transit, good sidewalks, and parking options. I have owned four houses in Montpelier before downsizing to a condo, which significantly reduced my carbon footprint, increased walking and transit opportunities, and reduced my expenses. Elements that Montpelier provided me so I could afford to start my own business.

    In 2005 I began dbate speaking LLC, where as a speaker and trainer I can share my love, experience and challenges of speaking with others. I enjoy helping others find their authentic voice and to reach their goals through briefer, more effective and satisfying presentation skills.

    I have over 40 years of achievements as presenter, trainer, manager, mediator and group facilitator. My 18 years as CEO of Wheels, a regional community transportation system, gave me in-depth understanding of complex budgets, overseeing grants and personnel issues.

    With 36 years on private and public boards for businesses and community non-profits, I know how to work together to be more effective, to contain costs and to provide better services. (i.e. Central Vermont Chamber, Lost Nation Theater, Public Safety Authority Committee, Central Housing, Washington County Parent Child Center, and Vermont Governor’s Rail Council.)

    I ask that District 1 residents vote for me and thank those who have given me support. Reach me at Let’s work together.

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