Freeploid Breaking News: Archer Mayor Published a Book Last Year

Big story in the Sunday Burlington Free Press (which, once again, was not delivered to my house in spite of the fact that I have a digital-plus-Sunday-paper subscription*) with the tortuous title:

*I’ve stopped trying to get customer service through Gannett’s somewhere-out-there corporate call center.

Vermont Maelstrom Turned Fiction Fodder

When I saw that on the Freeploid’s website, honestly, my first thought was, “Gee, I know Archer Mayor’s last novel was set during Tropical Storm Irene, but that can’t be the subject of this article — that book came out several months ago!”

But, once again, I failed to adequately underestimate my Freeploid. It was, indeed, about Archer Mayor’s “latest” novel, officially in bookstores last October 1.

Not that I begrudge Mr. Mayor any publicity he can possibly wangle; he deserves every bit of it. But really now.  

Archer Mayor publishes precisely one book a year. It comes out on October 1 every year. He does an extensive book tour in the fall of every year. Vermont media are full of “new Archer Mayor mystery” stories in the fall of every year.

And now, on February 2, almost at the midway point to Mayor’s next book, the Freeploid gets around to it?

What’s even more embarrassing, the author of this non-story was Terri Hallenbeck, one-half of the Freeploid’s State House bureau.

During a legislative session, when there are stories begging to be told.

Truly, this is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. And it’s not near the top of the Freeploid’s sins against journalism and its readers. But c’mon, guys: Try to keep up.  

5 thoughts on “Freeploid Breaking News: Archer Mayor Published a Book Last Year

  1. …needs to be the ‘liaison’ officer to the Free Press.  “Hey, you assholes, my street contacts told me this months ago!.”

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