AG’s Office–Investigate & ‘Run’ With It

 I am calling now for TWO things to happen, as regards the office of Vermont Attorney General.  FIRST, someone outside of the Vermont Dem Party should call for an investigation of Bill Sorrell’s seemingly lack of concern for (or inaction on) these following ‘crime’ problems in Vermont:

#1–The HEROIN epidemic.  This has been growing for years and years under Sorrell’s watch.  With Heroin now heap cheap (no doubt brought about by bringing ‘democracy’ to Afghanistan), it’s only going to get worse.  Shumlin called it–but why didn’t Sorrell?  Vermont is on the Montreal to Florida, and back again, route for Heroin ‘trafficking’–we are WIDE OPEN now for Gang-related crime, the collateral damage intrinsic in this form of ‘BIG MONEY’ drug running.  Where has our Attorney General been in the last few years on addressing this ‘crime’ problem and the future threat of worse to come?  What is his PLAN to deal with it?

#2–SEX/HUMAN Trafficking–The same routes and networks through Vermont for the Heroin trafficking are, again, WIDE OPEN for the ANIMALS who deal in SEX and HUMAN SLAVERY.  It is BIG MONEY.  In 2010, A Task Force was formed, in the AG’s office, I believe, to look into this.  Well…What have they found?  Why the SILENCE on this problem?  I’d bet money that money is changing hands on both the Heroin trafficking and the Sex Trafficking.  What’s the story?

#3A*–Abuses of the elderly and disabled.  Years ago, a network of advocates for the elderly and disabled filed a class action suit against the state about the ‘backlog’ of some 300 cases of abuse of the elderly and disabled filed with the AG’s office that were still ‘pending investigation’–in other words, NO ACTION TAKEN as yet back then by the AG’s office.  What has happened with these cases?  And how many more complaints have been filed since then?

#3B*–Abuses of migrant workers in Vermont.  Another of Vermont’s ‘dirty little secrets’ that good liberals give Sorrell a pass on.  There have been many allegations over the years that, in some cases, migrant workers don’t get the pay that’s owed them before they are ‘deported’ by the Department of Immigration.  There also have been many charges made by Advocacy Groups about housing and health conditions and health care.  This applies to those migrant or immigrant workers who work on farms, and in the ‘service’ areas also, such as restaurants, etc.  Again, what’s the story here?

#4–Improper use of tasers and ‘other’ deadly force by Vermont law enforcement.  Well, we know what the ‘white-wash’ record here is from Sorrell, but how many more times does it have to happen before it is regarded as a ‘crime’ in itself?  

#5–And this is a ‘crime’ committed against the ‘intelligence’ off all Vermonters:  Why is Sorrell famous for his ‘campaign’ to wage war on our ‘addictions’ to sugary-sweet sodas and other soft drinks, when, in fact, there are probably a host of ‘civil rights’ violations going on every year, every week in Vermont.  Most of these at the workplace.  Some involving violations against workers who attempt to ‘organize for unionization’ in small businesses in Vermont.  People have been fired for union organizing, for petitioning for unions, etc.  Hell, in Vermont, under Sorrell’s watch, people have lost their jobs for ‘political incorrectness’ when questioning the actions of their bosses, boards, or co-workers.  Look at VPT.  Look at some of the things that have happened with state workers recently.  And in the private and non-profit sectors, it happens almost off-hand now.  And, let us not forget Sexual Harassment.  SODA?  Come on, Bill!

Now, enough said there.  Lots to INVESTIGATE.  I recommend the Vt. Legislature appoint a Special Legislative Investigative Commission composed of people who are NOT seeking or holding public office.  I suspect that Bill Sorrell has had plenty of time over the years to do like J. Edgar Hoover did–make files on potential enemies and gather the ‘dirt’ on all THE PLAYERS in Vermont politics, including his colleagues.  (Yes, that’s another accusation–#6)  Hoover concentrated on ‘subversives’ in the fifties and early sixties, instead of Organized Crime.  It took a DYNAMIC ATTORNEY GENERAL, Bobby Kennedy, to make Hoover pay some attention to real crime.

We have REAL CRIME here in our little liberal La-La Land of Vermont.  And we’re letting our AG get away with not addressing it, and that means we’re in for a substantial ‘altering’ of the QUALITY OF LIFE we’ve been so proud of in Vermont over the decades.

So, the SECOND thing I want to happen is for some good Prog, Liberty Union, Libertarian, whatever, candidate to come forward and RUN FOR AG this year.  Someone of the Pollina, Zuckerman, and yes, Rosemarie Jackowski caliber.  It would be a good thing if ALL the third parties combined their resources to take a crack at getting an INDEPENDENT elected AG in 2014.  Backed by Advocacy Groups for the elderly, disabled, workers, and those concerned about Vermont’s ‘weak reaction’ to BIG MONEY crime, a Third Party candidate ought to be able to walk away with this election.  I’ll bet a certain REPUBLICAN named Vince Illuzzi is considering options.  And, please, Madame/Mister Candidate, don’t be intimidated by the BIG MONEY Sorrell has raised at the AGs’ confab in FLORIDA.  Just another piece of the overall ‘disgusting’ way Bill Sorrell regards Vermonters’ say in things when it comes to his ongoing (too long) career.  Good Lord!  Could this ABOMINATION actually be thinking of the Governor’s office in 2016?  Say it ain’t so, SodaBill.

OK.  And I didn’t even mention what a wimp Sorrell was as regards the Federal Patriot Act right after 9/11.  Defending Vermonters rights?  Ain’t my job, he said.  His hands were tied by the Feds.  Just like his hands have been tied over the years when the Department of Immigration deports migrant workers in Vermont after they’ve served their purpose and still owed pay.  So PLEASE!  SOMEBODY!  It’s past time to get on Sorrell’s CASE.  Good and hard.  A BAD Democrat only begets a WORSE REPUBLICAN in the future.  Something all you Obamanites should think about too.  

*(I put these two 3s together because I feel they are of the same ilk–PREDATORY CRIMES against people who have limited ability to defend themselves.  Sometimes the elderly person will actually be robbed of money or items out of his/her home by an independent or ‘freelance’ caregiver, and excuses are made about the old person being…well, old and forgetful.  Immigrant and migrant workers are preyed upon because their rights as ‘aliens’ and ‘transients’ put them in a different category than regular Vermont residents.  Both are heinous crimes.  Notice I didn’t go into the mentally ill or children.  There are separate State agencies that should monitor these areas.  Same with INMATES–The Department of Corrections.  Although I believe that if one State agency is dropping the ball, it would be ‘nice’ if the AG’s office were on top of that.  As Obama said Tuesday night:  Have A Nice Day.)

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.  

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