The VSP closed Greensboro Bend last night

Last night Greensboro Bend and Stannard were shut off by the state police. My wife was at the circus by Walker Ford at about 5 PM when she was passed by the VSP’s military-surplus armored car which headed up Rt 14 in a hurry.  Helicopters flew overhead.  Residents coming home from work were escorted by VSP to their homes, specifically so the VSP could verify they were going where they told the police they were going.

CAX was the ONLY news outlet that even mentioned this in a news brief saying something was going on but the VSP weren’t talking and that a camera crew was on their way.

But after the 11PM broadcast that article went into the Memory Hole and this morning a short article appeared saying that the VSP was looking for the half-brother of a guy from CT that almost killed a cop.

OK, that’s fine. But such a huge and heavy police presence in the middle of nowhere in Vermont is highly unusual.  It is sad to me that Vermont’s journalists play down such monumental police activity, thus ‘normalizing’ it. The VSP weren’t talking and the only news media that responded weren’t about to ask any questions.

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