More of the “gift” that goes on giving.

That radioactive mess over in Japan?  It just keeps getting worse.

And it’s leaching out into the environment at an alarming rate.

According to Tokyo Electric Power Co., an evaluation of radiation exposure caused by toxic water, rubble and debris, and other waste kept at the plant was below the limit of 1 millisievert per year as of March, but increased to 7.8 millisieverts as of August.

Just for your interest, measurements taken at the perimeter of the premises indicate radiation to be eight times the regulatory limit and rising.

The source has been identified as stored contaminated water from the cooling process.  Think about that when you consider the decades and decades of suspense that Vermont’s aquifer must endure before our own little hot-pot, Vermont Yankee, has been effectively “neutralized.”

And they want to build more of these environmental time bombs?

If that wasn’t enough to give one pause, how about this:  remember all the assurance we had in the early days of Fukushima, that the ocean is a “big place” in which radiation will be diffused and we won’t have to worry about contamination reaching the aquatic life?

Well, it has just been reported that black sea bream have been caught off the coast of Japan with levels of cesium as high as twenty-four-times the acceptable standards for food.  

Four out of thirty-seven fish sampled had unacceptable levels of the radioactive toxin.

Black sea bream are

on the list of fish that local fishermen are asked to voluntarily refrain from catching in the northern municipalities of Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located just south of Fukushima Prefecture.

(my emphasis added.)

‘Ya think?

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One thought on “More of the “gift” that goes on giving.

  1. How dare you point out the truth about nuclear power!?

    Don’t you know that everyone is supposed to believe that nuclear power is the savior of all life on the planet, it’s perfect in every way, it’s safe, clean and cheap!!!  The nuclear power industry says so, it MUST be true!  IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

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