And you thought nobody pays attention to snarky bloggers.

For those just joining us, last week I had a bit of sport at the Governor’s expense: I dared to point out that his spiffy new anti-poverty council was saddled with the unfortunate acronym POOP. (Pathways Out Of Poverty.)

Well, it looks like the administration has seen the shit hitting the fan (sorry) and quickly sidestepped the spray. According to GMD commenter Ernesto, posted yesterday:

Sat in on Human Resources committee this afternoon. I believe the excrescent acronym to which you referred the other day has been hurriedly amended to MFOOP — Moving Families Out Of Poverty. The power of the virtual pen leaves its indelible mark and moves on..


Okay, so they’ve shifted from a scatological acronym to a silly one. (It still, unfortunately, echoes the conservative talking point that the sole purpose for anti-poverty programs is to eliminate poverty. Which is quite impossible, especially in these times of drastic wealth maldistribution.)

Anyway, pardon me if I toot (sorry again) my own horn.

Man, once the poop jokes start, it’s really hard to stop.  

7 thoughts on “And you thought nobody pays attention to snarky bloggers.

  1. evokes breadcrumbs gently strewn along a quiet laneway.

    Income inequity is growing so rapidly that the very notion is an absurd anachronism. What is needed now is more like an airlift out of a deep, deep cravass.  

    Dare I say it?  At this point, no one will be escaping poverty without some serious wealth redistribution efforts.

    For that, Shumlin is definitely not our guy.

  2. Sue. I doubledog dare you! I’m about as sick of Shumlin as I am of Lisman & will never vote for him for anything again ever. He has shown that he has no one’s interest but his very own at heart. We the unwashed count for dogshit & his miserly treatment of the poor makes Douglas look compassionate. A Republican trapped in a Democrat body.  

    His thoughtless anacronym brought ‘shitting on the poor’ to a new level. There’s a big difference between being a little shady — they all are —  and becoming a personification of dishonesty & disingenuousness.

    seemingly thinks he has everyone over a barrel & he can play fast & loose, just sit back, call all the shots & pull all the strings — perhaps he can for a while.

    Just as he can sour the political waters voters can also sour on him as I just did. I feel like I just walked out on another failed marriage. Changing the locks. I want a divorce.


  3. A number of years in the UK , the gov’t changed the names of a number of their colleges.  One polytechnical college got the new name of City University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. what were they thinking?

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